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Top 5 Best Prank Shows to Watch Online [2024]

Top 5 Best Prank Shows to Watch Online [2024]

Prank Shows – Video streaming platforms can offer you the very best prank shows available past or present.
It can also provide invaluable insight into what makes a great prank if you’re a fellow prankster yourself.

These comedy shows are featured on Netflix and Hulu among many other online streaming services.

However, if you don’t have access to these streaming services, don’t worry as you can also find the funniest pranks on Youtube and other free websites.

Below are our recommendations for the funniest prank shows you can find online.

#1. Amazon Prime Video – Crank Yankers

Amazon Prime Video- Crank Yankers

This American reality tv show showcases the funniest prank calls made by their hosts and celebrity guests who are invited. Created by Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Daniel Kellison this show is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Puppets are shown to reenact the crank calls to enhance the entertainment value, as opposed to just showing subtitles.

Victims targeted are known as ‘marks’ where performers generally improvise rather than reading from a script giving it more authenticity.

When prank calling their ‘marks’ the sole intention is to bring out the best reactions and keep them on the phone for as long as they can.

#2. Hulu – Who is America?

Hulu- Who is America

Perhaps if you’re in the mood for something a bit more controversial then perhaps ‘Who Is America?’ is ideal for you. This Prank show pushes political boundaries to their limits and on the way has upset or even exposed certain politicians into resignation.

It is created by Sacha Baron Cohen who is no newcomer himself to edgy prank TV shows, such as Da Ali G Show and Borat in previous years.

In this series, he stars as various outrageous characters who interviews famous political figures. However, these satirical interviews are solely designed to humiliate and even expose them.

One example would be persuading Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer to say racial comments and run around backgrounds with his trousers down.

Who is America is available on Hulu streaming service.

#3. Netflix- Scare Tactics

Netflix - Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics is a hidden camera prank Television show produced by Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey in America. Pranks were exclusively horror-based, meaning victims were put in scary and unsettling situations to get the best reactions.

Hidden cameras are put in place so viewers can see first hand the victim’s initial reaction, making for hilarious viewing over the years. Pranks are set in specific locations recommended by friends, just think of Fear factor with a hidden camera.

Scare Tactics has been hosted by different celebrities over the years, most regularly by comedian and actor Tracy Morgan.

This prank show has 5 seasons spanning from 2003-2013 providing no shortage of comedy.

Subscribe to Netflix to enjoy all 5 seasons of Scare Tactics.

#4. Ownage Pranks – Youtube

Ownage Pranks- Youtube

Maybe you don’t have access to subscription-based streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu and want a great show you can view for free.

OwnagePranks is a fantastic youtube channel dedicated to making the most entertaining original prank calls around.

Their targets are generally businesses rated poorly on Yelp or sent in by actual requests, as they probably offer the best reactions for viewers.

Currently having an impressive subscriber count of 5.09 million with coincidentally 509 videos Ownage Pranks continues to provide exceptional content.

The show’s phone call pranks have many recurring characters with different diversities and fabricated backgrounds.
Characters include Tyrone Biggums, who is an African American character and Buk Lau, who is Asian.

However, even though they are very different in voice and personality, they are all voiced by Nabil Mady.

Ownage Pranks even offer their own prank dial app, be sure to download if you wish to do the pranking yourself using the voices on the channel.

#5. Just For Laughs- Youtube

Just For Laughs- Youtube

If there was at least one prank show you’ve probably watched at one point or another on this list, it’s ‘Just For Laughs’.

One of the longest-running comedy television shows it’s currently available on Youtube with 9.29 million subscribers. A testament to how much of an influence it had on prank comedy culture.

This Canadian hidden camera reality show is similar to ‘Scare tactics’ except not nearly as horrifying. Pranks are silly and harmless, generating funny viewing pleasure nonetheless.

The show consists of funny videos made on unsuspecting everyday people generally in streets and public places, i.e. outdoor restaurants and shopping malls.

Actors who engage in the pranks are the same, but there are no specific characters who recur in the show.
The pranks played are done by everyday people, avoiding suspicions such as police officers, shop employees or pedestrians.

Pranks shown contain no dialogue, subtitles or sound but does provide playful music in the background and sound effects to complement the practical joke.

This is particularly beneficial for worldwide viewers as understanding the English language is not needed to enjoy the show.

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