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Top 5 Movies You Missed on Netflix

Top 5 Movies You Missed on Netflix

We are in this lockdown for a long time. The world has come to a halt and the way things are right now, we do not see a way out. Therefore, we have to find out ways to kill time. Many people are getting the best out of quarantine by being productive with their work and balancing workouts and fun activities. I understand this is a difficult time and we have to fight it by staying home.

Most people are spending their lockdown by binge-watching all the popular movies and TV series. It is a great way to kill time. With the influx of streaming services, people are switching to all the popular platforms, as they have nothing better to do. The streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have a great audience. We see a rivalry between these two. Netflix wins the race by its exclusive titles while Amazon leads because of the content available. However, Netflix is still a popular choice among consumers. The user interface is friendly and the titles are binge-worth.

However, to power all these streaming services, we do require high-speed internet. Thanks to the HughesNet Gen5 internet, we have stability in speeds and a steady connection like never before.

If you have just subscribed to Netflix or are a regular user, we came up with a list of the top five movies that everyone should watch once in their lifetime. These movies have a spark that will glue you in front of your screens.

Here are the top 5 movies to watch on Netflix:

#1. The Platform

If you are a fan of mysteries and thrillers, the Platform is a movie that you will love! The story revolves around confusion and tension. A person wakes up in a cubic room. Another protagonist accompanies him in his old age. The fear and confusion engulfing the room are staggering. The old man is here for a while and tries to explain to him how things work.

A platform travels from the highest level and goes below to the bottom. It has an ample amount of food. The platform travels on different levels of this confinement and people eat the food from here. While Moving from top to bottom, the food is wasted and reaches the lowest level of the confinement. The question is why are they here? What is the purpose of these levels? Why are people confined in this imprisonment? Who owns this platform? All these questions pop up in your mind and we must watch it until the end to know the fate of the old man.

#2. The Dark Knight Trilogy

You will be judged in your inner circles if you have not watched the Batman Trilogy. It is simply a cinematic masterpiece. All-time famous Christopher Nolan directed the trilogy.  The films revolve around the adventures of Batman in the city of Gotham. In each part, he faces a fierce villain that puts the citizens of Gotham in real danger. Batman symbolizes the resistance against the dark forces that have haunted Gotham for so long. Each time, the villains are fiercer and take a great toll on Batman’s soul and spirit. The Batman trilogy is one of the greatest movie series of all time.

#3. Marriage Story

If you want a different perspective on life, the Marriage Story is a thing to watch. The story opens with a couple describing all the reasons they fell in love with each other. Gone are the days of cute love stories with no twists whatsoever. Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story entails the story of a marriage that ends up in a divorce. For any couple to continue their relationship there should be some understanding and love. If any of these is missing, there is no way around it. This married couple has the ultimate realization that they do not have a common future. They are entirely incompatible and there is no way around it. The movie revolves around the messy process of sorting things out. The couple in limelight is actor Nicole and his playwright husband Charlie Barber. Nicole found a great opportunity to move to Los Angeles while Charlie wants to stay in New York. It has a series of tension followed by grievances that separate them.

#4. The Irishman

This movie is Martin Scorsese’s other masterpiece and revolves around the popular theme of crime and gangsters. The movie explores the life of outlaw characters and emphasizes routine corruption that drags these gangsters down.

” Frank Sheeran confronts a life of remorse and isolation, confessing his crimes but locating no redemption, providing a sobering portrayal of the results of a life lived inside the criminal underworld. The twist lies inside the diffused realization that Sheeran’s loyalty and ruthless moves ultimately left him empty and on his own, serving as a cautionary story about the fee of pursuing power and criminality.

#5. El Camino

Breaking bad is arguably one of the greatest series of modern times. The adventures of Walter White and his associate as they delve into the methamphetamine business. They face off with the drug lords and try to earn a living that involves great dangers. El Camino is the story behind the remains of Jesse Pinkman after Walter White goes into hiding.

Final Verdict

If you have not watched these films, now is a good time! Grab some popcorns, step into your comfortable PJs, and watch these cinematic marvels!

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