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Net Promoter Score & How It Improves Your Hotel Feedback Management

Net Promoter Score & How It Improves Your Hotel Feedback Management

Net Promoter Score How It Improves Your Hotel Feedback Management

The hotel business is a public dealing process. Its success depends on the experience of the guests.

If you have satisfied guests, they will always stay loyal to your hotel and also recommend your hotel to their friends and family.

You can see the value of a loyal guest. Positive feedback spreads in this industry, and so does a negative experience. So, the hotels are looking to minimize the pain points of the guest and convert them to their loyal guests.

How can they do it?

With the NPS survey, they get a complete insight into the guests.

Whether they liked the staying experience or not? Will they recommend the hotel?

Get to know about the net promoter score. Why is it beneficial for your hotel?

What Is The Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score is a metric that shows how happy customers are and if they are willing to refer your business to their friends/family. The index ranges from -100 to 100.

The NPS score gauges customer satisfaction and loyalty to a particular brand or company.

It is different from other feedback metrics. It measures the overall satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, providing proper insight helps the business to improve its process.

NPS plays a vital role in the hotel industry as it relies on customer satisfaction.

How To Measure NPS In The Hotel Industry?

The hotel industry is competitive. Therefore, implementing NPS gives them an edge over their competitors.

Usually, NPS gets measured by the customer by asking them a single question.

“On a scale from 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our hotel to a friend or family member?”

The NPS score gets defined by the responses given by the customer. And they are classified as Detractors, Passives, and Promoters.

  • Detractors have a score of < 6.
  • Passives are with a score = 7 or 8.
  • Promoters score > 8.

The calculation method to calculate the overall percentage of the detractors is subtracted from the percentage of the promoters to get the Net Promoter Score.

What Is A Good NPS Score For The Hotel Industry?

NPS gets measured by all the guests during their stay at the hotel. It probably happens during the checkout process. The hotel does it on their kiosk or sends the survey via email. The response rate after the survey will determine the NPS score.

The response rate needs to be 65% to know the exact NPS score. An NPS score above 5 means the hotel is average, but that is not what all the hotels are after.

To improve the score, you need to pay attention to customer comments/feedback. Give them something to be excited about and watch your net promoter score grow.

How Do Hotels Take NPS Feedback From Their Customers?

Most of the big hotels collect their guest feedback via online surveys. They create according to their services, and once the guest checks out, they get an automated email with the NPS question to rate them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 excellent.

How To Improve Hotel Net Promoter Score?

For hotels, improving their net promoter score means providing better customer satisfaction to the guests in the long run. There are a lot of indicators between the staff, and the guests, even the tiny feedback left unnoticed can leave a bad experience with the guest.

Are you looking for ways to improve your hotel net promoter score? Here are the ways to do it:

  • Stay engaged with your promoters.

Every hotel that follows to improve their NPS calculation is working on Detractors.

They will look to solve the negative feedback and convert them to promoters. But this will ignore your promoters who are already loving your services. You get to know what you are doing well.

The promoters are loving you for a reason.

And recommending your services to friends/family. Ask them for their feedback regarding any new features you are about to add. It will automatically serve as feedback. Your promoters will feel valued as you are taking their feedback seriously.

  • Analyze data from your promoters to convert passives.

It is in continuation to the above point.

Promoters are promoters for a reason. They are already impressed with your hotel service.

Passives need to be impressed as they have not liked something about your hotel services.

The easiest way is by using the positive responses from the promoters and improving your services. Analyze the data and apply the same for passives. Some more ways to convert passives into promoters:

  1. Seek their feedback.
  2. Act on the feedback.
  3. Track and measure results.
  • Minimize the detractors.

A detractor is simply feedback that will help you improve your hotel service. Decreasing them is a way to improve your NPS score.

One way to decrease the number of detractors is to address and work upon their feedback. Gather their data in real-time using the NPS survey and resolve their issues.

Provide the detractors with an open communication channel making sharing feedback easy.

There could be a possibility when a guest wants to share more feedback and pain points.

An example is:

The detractors have answered the NPS question and given a ‘3’ score. It signifies they do not like the hotel’s operations/services.

Know what is bothering them. Contact over an email. It will improve customer engagement and ultimately convert detractors.

  • Provide personalized experiences.

The hotel industry has cutthroat competition. Making a positive impact on the guests matters a lot. Achieve this by offering personalizing experiences, customer service integrations, and much more.

Hotels have lots of data of their loyal customers by implementing NPS surveys. Take leverage of this data and try to provide what the guest wants as their experience.

Summing it up

NPS in the hotel industry is about building a relationship with the guests. Knowing whether their experience is good or bad allows the hotel to overcome any potential lapse. Finally, every hotel wants to provide a WOW experience for their guests, and they do this by implementing the above tips. Let us know your thoughts!!

Author: Kaumudi Tiwari

Bio: Experienced Digital Marketer and Strategist, been in the IT Industry for the last 5+ Years. Associated with the Zonka Feedback. Passionate about writing customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer feedback, and net promoter score.

Kaumudi Tiwari

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