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How Tech Is Changing the CBD Industry
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How Tech Is Changing the CBD Industry

The CBD market is thriving with both online and physical stores selling all kinds of products that were once illegal in the United States. From oils and beauty products to medical marijuana and sweet treats, the Cannabidiol product line is constantly expanding. Tech has a huge part to play in this booming market and the future is looking very green as more and more companies are now leveraging the internet and new advancements to make their products more available to consumers. On that note, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which tech is making a big difference in the CBD industry.

Better Accessibility

CBD has gained shelf space in online stores all over the US in the past number of years. It’s now possible to buy products online for home delivery and, in states where it’s legal; patients can consult with a doctor virtually and receive a MMJ prescription online.

In Florida, for example, patients can get access to a medical marijuana card in minutes.

This gives them access to a wide range of products and the application process is quick, easy and patients will only be billed on approval. This ease of accessibility has opened the door for many people all over the United States and it’s a huge factor in the growth that the industry is experiencing.

Increased Bioavailability

CBD products are known for having low bioavailability, making it hard for the body to absorb their contents. It’s estimated that, on average, only 20% of consumed CBD enters the bloodstream. This is due to the fact that CBD is oil, which makes it non-soluble in water.

Water-based products are proven to have a much higher level of bioavailability but CBD will not mix with the majority of liquids. Thanks to technology and the use of nanoencapsulation, CBD could become water-soluble which opens the doors to so many new products and benefits.

More Transparency

Blockchain technology allows consumers to trace specific products back to the producers and growers that were involved in the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Consumers could find out important information such as where and when the plants were grown and the steps that were involved in the production process. This level of insight inspires confidence among consumers and helps to set industry standards.

Improving Growth & Cultivation

Growing and cultivating cannabis plants can be both time consuming and expensive. This is due to the special light that is needed for optimal growth.

The availability of light isn’t an issue in warmer climates as plants can get all the sunlight, they need naturally but, in cooler climates, artificial light is required.

High-intensity discharge bulbs are ideal for indoor growing but they’re expensive to buy and they use a lot of electricity. Luckily, growers are now turning to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option – LED bulbs. That’s right, LED bulbs are not just for home use.

They’re ideal for indoor growing as they produce a wider light spectrum and they don’t create a lot of heat like regular bulbs do. LED lights can also be used in conjunction with directional lamps, which helps to direct the right amount of light to the places where it’s needed most.

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