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iPad Write for us

iPad write for us

In the tablet industry, the iPad is king. Apple’s proposal is the only one that manages to overcome itself year after year and reap good sales. Although there are more manufacturers that offer these types of devices, usually with an Android operating system, the lack of applications specifically designed for screen sizes that exceed certain inches makes the experience not the best possible.

Now more than ever, Apple offers a good variety of tablets in its catalog which allows users to select from a variety of options with a variety of specifications and features to find the one that best fits and suits their needs and way of working.

And it is that the iPad of those from Cupertino has long ceased to be a product intended exclusively for the consumption of multimedia content. The latest advancements in iPadOS, Apple’s new operating system designed exclusively for its tablets, allows people to use it to create content of all kinds: from office automation to video editing, to photo retouching, illustration and graphic design.

Things to consider before buying an iPad

Apple officially markets several iPad with different screen sizes (not to mention those that we can get in third-party stores or platforms such as Amazon that the company stopped selling in its online and physical stores).

The dimensions range from 7.9 “to 12.9”, through 10.2 “, 10.5” and 11 “. In some cases, such as the intermediate models, the difference is not very noticeable, but it is which is at the ends (7.9 “and 12.9”).

Regardless of the size that is chosen, what is certain is that the quality of the screens of all iPad models is quite good, and reading, watching movies, editing text or images on them is quite comfortable and pleasant.

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Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – iPad Write for Us

Why Write for Computer Tech Reviews – iPad Write for Us

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