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The Gadgets Everyones Talking About In 2020

The Gadgets Everyones Talking About In 2020

Gadgets Everyones Talking About

Our modern world loves throwing up a new gadget or two at us, its lucky consumers. In fact, whether it’s smart home devices or new accessories for our mobile phones, the creations are endless. They’re certainly hard to keep up with, but we can hardly complain about such amazing innovation, can we?

With the rise in terms of the sophistication in our gadgets and tech, has come the growth of people who simply can’t get enough of the innovation we’re continually seeing. One way in which they can experience the innovation we’re being exposed to is by investing in it, and that usually comes in the form of a gadget of some sort or a piece of tech helping make a menial task that bit easier. The options are pretty much endless.

Numerous advancements have been made, whether it’s with satellite navigation systems in our cars, better touchscreen tablets ideal for the type of slot games available at, or even with our FitBit watches capable of keeping us in the loop when it comes to our health and fitness. The innovation isn’t going to stop anytime soon either, with numerous gadgets hogging the limelight in 2020 already. But what are they? What are the gadgets everyones talking about in 2020? Here’s a few below.

Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit

Interactive lighting appears to be, and the latest Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit is certainly feeding that appetite. Straying away from the usual squares and triangles, the Nanoleaf’s hexagons offer up brilliant colours and patterns that respond to touch. You can also use them as a smart home controller, turning lights on or off, or even having a chat with your home assistant. If you’re after something from the future, then the Nanoleaf Shapes: Hexagon Smarter Kit is definitely it.

Pixel Buds

Earbuds are incredibly popular these days, perhaps due to their subtle design and improvements made around sound quality. Creations such as AirPods have been massively popular in the past, but the new kid on the block – Google’s Pixel Buds – appears to be winning everyone around. Incredibly comfortable, with excellent sound quality and battery life, Pixel Buds are fairly hard to fault. You can go from listening to your favourite rapper to answering an important call with ease.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager

Made by Hyperice, the Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager is capable of giving you the massage of all massages. It almost looks like a little power tool, but it packs one hell of a punch, thanks to its 60-watt motor that propels the massager head at up to three different speeds. It comes with five interchangeable heads too, making it ideal for soothing more than one area of the body.

Osmo Pocket

DJI’s Osmo Pocket has been flying off the shelves in 2020, as people search for the ideal fully functional, 4K camera. Well, here it is! Mounted on a gimbal too, the device is capable of capturing the cleanest and unshaken shots. Ideal for filming memorable holiday moments or even for making your vlogs reach another level, the Oslo Pocket is a brilliant device.

Osmo Pocket

FightCamp Personal

Boxing is a great way to keep fit but also have fun in the process. The FightCamp Personal is essentially a boxing system for your house which is capable of providing fun, but also important exercise, thanks to its lessons and workouts. The machine comes with gloves, wraps, and even a punch tracker, making it the perfect gift for boxing and fitness lovers. It isn’t the cheapest product on the list, though.

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