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What is Sonos Play 1? Definition, Its Design and More

What is Sonos Play 1? Definition, Its Design and More

Sonos Play 1 Definition

Sonos Play 1 is the cheapest in the Sonos multi-room speaker series. It costs less than € 200 and is even worth considering as a single speaker. Even if you do not intend to mount a speaker system.

It is a small speaker that fits on your bedside table and offers complete sound quality that makes it one of the best small models you can buy. -It can be overwhelming to find wireless portable speakers that generally set the balance between aesthetics, portability, and technical capabilities. However, picking the one worth your money follows when you supply yourself with the right information.

Design of Sonos Play 1

The Sonos Play: 1 is not like other small wireless speakers. It does not have Bluetooth and does not have a 3.5mm auxiliary input to be able to connect any non-wireless sound source.

Like the rest of the Sonos units, before buying a Play: 1 you should get the idea that you will only be able to use it with the wireless connection.

  • If we compare it in play five, it undoubtedly has a somewhat more modern appearance. It is available in white or black. Although only the top of the Sonos Play: 1 will change color, which, incidentally, is plastic. But what looks out the most is the steel grill that surrounds the speaker.
  • At the top of the Sonos Play: 1, there is a button to mute the audio. But the brand has taken a step forward by including a new button to play music or stop it — double-tap to go to the next song.
  • There is also a button to adjust the volume and a status light. The truth is that you are not going to use this button only once to configure the volume when you install the Sonos Play: 1 for the first time, but it is good that you have it.

The speaker weighs a lot; As the Sonos Play: 1 is a wireless speaker is going to be portable do not fall into error. I would not trust much to hang it on the wall with the optional support they sell.

When you turn on the application on your mobile, the Sonos Play 1 recognizes automatically. Then you just have to select your home Wi-Fi network, enter a password, and it is already set.

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The Sonos Play: 1 is a small speaker with an excellent finish and offers a sound quality-adjusted for a wireless speaker of that size and weight.

The speaker has two controllers inside, one for the medium and low range and one smaller for the high. Traditionally bookshelf speakers have the same configuration. However, the main controller uses stronger magnets than the average speakers, which allows the cone to move back and forth with more travel than average.

  • This extra movement of the Sonos Play: 1 cone translates into a richer sound for a speaker of its size.
  • The voices are quite neutral, but the scale and depth of the bass that it is capable of producing is quite impressive.
  • I decided to try it with some pop music this time. So I put the 28 of the first album of The Ear of Van Gogh.
  • Amaia Montero’s voice floats above all instruments providing good clarity and dynamic expression. The Sonos Play 1 leaves a lot of space, and the presentation scale is excellent. I like it.
  • The middle range has a lot of wealth and is in control. The lows are direct, and the highs have a lot of wealth and are so refined. The final sound of [Sonos Play: 1] is open, clean, and balanced.
  • I move on to another song, the Star, and the moon.
  • The speaker continues to behave with agility and build the notes well. Okay, pop won’t have many variations in the notes, but I’m not going to force its dynamic range either. We already know that it will not behave like a large high-end speaker.
  • Now giving a little more detail to the treble, I do notice that the [Sonos Play: 1] lacks some clarity compared to speakers that have been designed exclusively with the treble in mind.
  • Although I consider that the brand has done its best given the size of the speaker.

When you increase the volume of the [Sonos Play: 1], the model can continue to scale the sound correctly. But the clarity of sound indeed begins to decline. Although I don’t think you have any problem with the volume needed for a medium-sized room.

When designing speakers of this size, manufacturers must find a balance between one or two factors, but I think Sonos here has nailed it.

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