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What is Bluetooth? Definition, Uses, Types [2024]

What is Bluetooth? Definition, Uses, Types [2024]

Bluetooth Definition

Behind the term, ” Bluetooth ” is an industry-standard developed in the 1990s for the wireless transmission of data of all kinds.

It specializes in a very short distance of a few meters and on a secure connection.

It is particularly advantageous for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Why is it important?

The invention of Bluetooth stems from the well-known problem of “cable salad.”

Since the 1980s, attempts made by various means to replace conventional, wired connection techniques with wireless alternatives.

However, the relatively high power consumption and the need to establish and maintain a direct “visual contact” between the devices to be connected.

Incidentally, the iconic symbol is a combination of the Old Norse runes ᚼ and ᛒ. It stands for Harald Bluetooth’s initials (HB).

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How does Bluetooth work?

It is the result of cooperation between numerous parties.

In turn, it largely owes other aspects to technology groups Intel and Nokia. We explain the technical background.

The Bluetooth chip

  • The requirement for a digital device to be considered “Bluetooth-capable.”
  • And it is also corresponding software for controlling the data transfer and a special chip.
  • It has a transmitting and a receiving unit and permanently installs in the hardware.

The Bluetooth connection

  • The dedicated frequency is in a license-free ISM band between 2.402 GHz and 2.480 GHz.
  • And also each device has an individual, 48-bit MAC address.

The Bluetooth network

  • A maximum of eight actively participating devices forms a so-called piconet.
  • In addition, Two hundred additional tools can stay in the network and also simultaneously in the energy-saving standby mode.
  • A  device can also be registered as a slave in several piconets but act as a master in just one of them.
  • Up to ten piconets form a so-called scatter network.

The Bluetooth profiles

  • Each Bluetooth chip comes with a so-called protocol stack or stack.
  • This is a software package that includes services for using different profiles.
  • The profiles that dominate a device can usually read off its technical data.
  • Often you can miss profiles z. B. refers to the website of the chip manufacturer or stack provider.

Which types of devices use Bluetooth?

There are numerous uses and applications for Bluetooth, so here are just a few examples.

Computers and Notebooks:

A built-in hardware chip allows the connection of various peripherals such as mice, keyboards, headphones, and printers.

Mobile Devices:

This chip integrates virtually into all modern cell phones and tablets. With their help can be z — for example, sync files, photos, and videos to the home computer.

Audio Output Devices:

Many wireless speakers and headsets have Bluetooth so that MP3 files can be played directly from the smartphone.

Hands-free systems:

If the smartphone pairs via Bluetooth with the hands-free system in the car radio or motorcycle helmet can answer incoming calls directly.

Toys and Gaming Consoles:

The toy industry is continuously releasing new dolls and action figures that communicate with each other. The games such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One also work via the wireless standard.

Medical technology:

hearing aids of higher price classes can equip with handsfree functions thanks to technology.

How safe is Bluetooth?

It is generally well-thought-out to be relatively secure. However, it proved several times that even newer versions of the wireless standard are vulnerable.

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