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What is NOC Technician? – Definition, Duties, and More

What is NOC Technician? – Definition, Duties, and More

NOC Technician Definition

The NOC Technician is usually the person appointed to meet that need.

Many companies like NOC need secure and reliable Technicians to access Internet and telecommunications networks to execute their operations efficiently.

And also, If the business operation is large enough, they often have to hire someone to monitor their system and keep it running at all times.

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What is NOC?

  • NOC stands for Network Operations Center. A company or organization establishes a NOC to have a centralized place to host its servers and network equipment.
  • Having all the servers and network equipment in the same location makes it easier for the company to ensure the security and maintenance of its communication capabilities.
  • The NOC can be off-site or within the confines of the company, depending on available space, security considerations, or equipment requirements.

What are the Duties of the NOC Technician?

  1. Basically, The person employed as the NOC technician is responsible for the supervision.
  2. And also responsible for maintenance of the network, servers, and any telecommunications equipment in the company’s data center.
  3. When the system malfunctions, the NOC technician solves network problems, makes repairs, and obtains the backup system as soon as possible.
  4. It may require the technician to work at all hours of the day, depending on when the network interruption occurs.
  5. Due to the complexity of the networks, companies often have different levels or layers of technicians, with each level of the task of solving the most complex problems.

What are the Educational requirements?

  • NOC technicians usually require to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Further education and training, such as an associate degree in telecommunications or a network certification, is an advantage.
  • The most significant factor that many employers look for is often previous experience working in a network system.
  • It may require a person who aspires to this job to take an entry-level position in a telecommunications company.

What is the Salary range of NOC Technician?

  • According to Simply Hired, as of June 2010, the average salary for a NOC technician was $ 52,000.
  • The amount of previous experience, if any, of the applicant will be an essential factor in the initial salary.
  • The type of business, size of the company, and size of the network are factors that will affect the pay scale of a technician.
  • And also, Previous experience may qualify the applicant for a higher-level position and, therefore, a higher salary.

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