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What is FirePass? – Definition, Benefits, Uses and More

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FirePass Definition

The FirePass is F5’s VPN / SSL solution. It comes in the form of a rackable appliance (1u or 2u). The FirePass is the complete solution for securely accessing enterprise applications via a Web interface, without any software or specific configuration for the remote client.

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It offers the first graphical editor of market rules via the Visual Policy Editor and a software development kit (Software Developer’s Kit- SDK) which facilitate the handling (reduction of the total cost of ownership)

Dyn App Tunnels: Wider interoperability with applications (complex web applications or those using dynamic ports).

Easy Connect: possibility to connect in Network Access mode in various ways (GINA, Web-based VPN, Windows VPN dialer, F5 thick client, online ordering).

And also, ActiveSync support for PDA and Windows Mobile 2003 on the messaging part.

Why use an SSL VPN?

Access enterprise applications with FirePass

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