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Essential Windows 11 Apps You Must Install on Your Laptop

Essential Windows 11 Apps You Must Install on Your Laptop

The recent release of Windows 11 has stunned everyone with new features better than the predecessor Windows 10. But some of the things remain the same as Windows 11 also allows you to install third-party apps from Microsoft Store.

The best part of the Microsoft Store is that it is also supporting Android apps so that you can use all of your favorite apps on your system on the big screen. But to download these apps and use them, you need to make sure to have a proper internet connection. Not only for the apps, but also for other processes on Windows 11 such as updates, browsing, streaming, and downloading.

In most cases, people are confused about which internet provider is the best. With so many service providers available in your area, picking the best and most affordable plan is somewhat challenging. But not anymore, when Cox is serviceable in your area.

Apart from offering high-speed internet at an affordable price, you can also contact customer support for various purposes such as moving your service, reaching out to sales personnel, and equipment upgrades. If you are comfortable speaking Spanish, here is the catch. You can also contact Cox customer support in the Spanish language. All you need to do is follow the link cox communications en español for assistance and queries.

Now let’s move back to what apps should you install on your newly installed Windows 11. Stay tuned and read further.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

If you are a newbie designer or just started learning, you must install Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The app allows noob designers to get hands-on experience with tools and other features you would find in any other Adobe Photoshop.

From designing Facebook posts to creating logos for different brands, Adobe Creative Cloud Express takes care of all. You can even create school projects, presentations, and marketing collateral with this app. With loads of tools at your disposal, you can utilize many elements and features that are free to use. Moreover, you can also share the project with your clients or customers. If you want to enjoy more stock assets and templates, Adobe Creative Cloud Express offers you a subscription for only $9.99 per month.

Avast One

In the digital age, securing your device and data is of utmost importance. Many service providers offer you a free security suite with internet plans, still, you need to have extra protection on your device for better security and protection.

Avast One is one of the best antivirus software for your system that can be installed from the Microsoft Store. Whether you want to protect your system from malicious files, viruses, or need to protect your privacy online, Avast One takes care of all without charging a hefty subscription. Avast One is free to use on one device, but if you want to protect multiple devices, the monthly subscription costs you only $4.19 per month (promo offer).

VLC Media Player

When it comes to weekends and boring days, you are always stalking for something to watch interesting. Most people prefer to watch movies and TV series on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, or Peacock. But there might be some movies and TV series on your system or DVD rack waiting for you to watch. Now is the time to watch when your streaming subscription has expired. Install VLC Media Player on your Windows 11 and watch anything without doing much. You can play any audio or video file including WMV, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI, and many more. VLC Media Player is open-source software that can be installed without paying a dime.


If you are using the internet all the time on your laptop or desktop, you need to have some sort of privacy and security. Especially when you want to do transactions online such as shopping, transferring funds, or any other activity, you need to make sure to use Virtual Private Network.

With ProtonVPN, you can stay safe online without revealing your identity. The free version comes with no limits and has access to over 24 locations in three different countries. Use this VPN if you want to access area restricted content while browsing the web, streaming websites, and doing online activities.

If you are working remotely and often change your place to connect to the internet and do work, make sure to install it instantly without any delay. The reason is that most of the public WiFi is not secure and doing any financial transaction or sharing sensitive information could result in the worst scenarios.

Internet Download Manager

Downloading heavy files online is a challenging task. Most web browsers allow you to start downloading files instantly from their platform. But sometimes you need to download multiple files online, which when interrupted does not stop it from proceeding.

Internet Download Manager is a well-known download manager that allows you to download multiple files. Even if your internet is disconnected for a while, and later reconnects, Internet Download Manager will ensure that downloading resumes from wherever it is left. You can pause, resume, and schedule downloads on the internet download manager.

Greenshot Screenshot App

Although you can find plenty of screenshot software for Windows. But due to some limitations, you might not be able to get what you are looking for. Greenshot app for Windows 11 is the best open-source software allowing you to take screenshots in a number of ways.

The app is free to use and can automatically upload screenshots to photo manager sites. It also comes with a built-in editor, which offers you basic editing functions. If you don’t want to install this app on your system, you can use the snipping tool for taking a screenshot.

Summing Up

With more advanced features in Windows 11, you still need to rely on third-party apps and software to do your tasks, have entertainment, and protect yourself from vulnerable attacks. The aforementioned apps are good enough to give you a kickstart to enjoy Windows 11.

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