Definition Document Scanning

Document Scanning

The digitization of documents involves transferring physical documentation to digital format. Many companies store large amounts of documentation that take up too much space and are difficult to consult. Although this process can be tedious, once done, it can be a competitive advantage by making the information accessible.

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Is it relevant to digitize documents?

Due to the advancement in technology, not having documents in digital format can be a great waste of time and money. Indeed, the daily activity of the company and the frenetic pace of work can cause this task to postpone year after year.

In the Document Management Guide 2020, you can see what the general requirements are, focused on the digitization of documents, for the proper selection of the provider.

To do this project, on priority can mean a change in the information management of your company. It would reduce the waiting times between the request for the archived documentation until its subsequent consultation.

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What do the experts think about digitization and file management?

Adrián Macías, CEO of and founding partner of EpsilonGD, throughout the article, gives us his opinion on the digitization process.

Imagine that your company is a law firm. You will indeed have rooms full of filing cabinets full of documentation in paper format. On certain occasions, it will be necessary to consult said information, such as old judgments or previous judicial processes. In this case, having the information digitized and subsequently organized can be a great advantage. Which involves providing a faster response to customers or generating more complete reports.

Meanwhile, it may be that your company has a large number of supplier invoices in paper format, while in digital format. In this situation, if you don’t know which ones are in one form or another, it can be time-consuming. Therefore, it would be advisable to have all the invoices in digital format for a better consultation.

Examples of documentation management

In the Document Management Guide, you will find a list of the different sectors that most benefit from the digitization of documents, will yours be among them?

Ways to digitize information

When you think about digitizing your documents, the first idea that comes to mind may be the amount of time it takes to scan multiple documents by hand. But fortunately, this process has changed in terms of form: there are scanners with great power that allow you to increase the number of pages per minute, or you can outsource the process.

When starting the process, it will be necessary to determine if it is better to acquire the means required to carry it out with your resources (purchase of scanners and other essential materials) or subcontract the service. It depends on the requirement of the company: the amount of documentation to be digitized, the availability of existing resources, having personnel available to carry it out or not, etc.

If we do it manually; that is, the company itself scans the documents; there are specific software that allows the digitization of records. There are free programs if the digitalizing information is very low; or payment, if you want to perform more professionally. Also, there is the option of implementing a document manager with the module for capturing or digitizing documents. There are two types of managers, first, the specific ones for digitizing documents and, second, the more general document managers.

Document managers focused on digitizing documents usually come from companies that manufacture printing or digitizing machineries such as Canon or Kodak. There are times when you get the software when you buy the machine. Or, on the other hand, you can buy the software by having the machine in advance.

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