Definition Adobe Buzzword

Adobe Buzzword service allows the editing of documents online among several users and free of charge. We all know the creators of the PDF format, and we can imagine the power that this service can have coming from them, and they certainly do not disappoint.

After free brief registration, we have access to a flash desktop, where we will create and manage the documents. When we create a document, a complete word processor will appear, and we will have the possibility to share the documents with whoever we want as a co-author, reviewer, or reader.

There is the possibility of exporting the documents to multiple formats such as Docx, doc, RTF, out, and of course, to pdf. Reviewer users can post comments, and co-authors can make modifications. Being able to see the others highlighted the alterations of each one in particular.

The truth is that it is a powerful and visually impressive service since it is made in Flash, also ensuring compatibility with many browsers. The usefulness in our company can be from a simple text editor to the editing of letters in collaboration with several users.

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Online office automation from Adobe

One of the companies that have bet on the market of office automation in the Cloud is Adobe. Whose product called Buzzword provides excellent results in group work.

Advantages of  Buzzword

Among its advantages, Buzzword allows you to manage documents collaboratively; that is, it offers the possibility of carrying out document edits between several users simultaneously.

The Buzzword is available completely free of charge and among its features. It is worth noting that it has an interface developed in Flash. Through which we can use the various services offered by the suite.

Among the services that Buzzword offers, these range from the creation and edition of texts to the export of the same to the well-known formats Docx, doc, RTF, ODT, and pdf, passing through a series of essential functions.

Another of the main characteristics of Buzzword resides, as we mentioned, in offering a platform that allows working in a group. Providing for it the necessary tools for full management of all aspects related to user administration. Access to documents by thereof and administration of the different levels of permits.

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