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What is Click To Tweet? – Definition, Advantages, And More

What is Click To Tweet? – Definition, Advantages, And More

Definition Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet improves dissemination on Twitter by creating tweetable quotes on posts.

Twitter is a social network with high power to create user traffic on your website, and in this post, we are going to improve dissemination on Twitter with the Click to Tweet plugin.

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Click to tweet allows you to create titles or quotes anywhere in the entry. So that users can easily share the listing on Twitter with one click.

This technique improves dissemination on Twitter gives an advantage to the user to not think of a title to share. But instead that you are the one who creates a memorable or hooked phrase that is later shared by the user.

In this way, you can also have a good Copywriting on Twitter and prevent users from getting their headshot trying to create an original title for your post.

Also, another advantage is that it improves the ratio of clicks on the entries since the hooked phrases have more impact on your readers and users will click more times on quotes to tweet than on the typical social buttons.

There are several plugins with which we can generate these [Click to Tweet] type appointments.

[Click to tweet] is the veteran plugin with more than 10,000 active installations. And although it hardly gets updated for some time, it works perfectly. It is effortless to configure and use.

How to configure Click To Tweet

go to Settings> Click to Tweet, set the name of our Twitter profile without @. The reader of our website generates appears.

And then, within a page or entry, we can create the quotes to be shared using a button in the WordPress text editor that generates a simple shortcode to insert the quote.

A quote will be displayed in a box in an effortless style at our entrance, drawing attention.

When a user clicks on the appointment, a Twitter generator will appear with the appointment as a Tweet title, the link of our page or Twitter entry, and the mention of our Twitter user.

Better Click To Tweet

It is a plugin that does the same as the previous one. Still, improved with various options such as configuring short URLs, nofollow links for SEO, removing the “via” mention, and translating into Spanish.

To configure it, we go to the Better Click To Tweet options and set the username and if we want to use short URLs.

And then we click on the shortcode generator button that appears in the text editor toolbar and configure the Twitter appointment and choose whether we want to use the “via” mention.

We can also modify the Better Click To Tweet shortcode to configure some unique options of this plugin about the shortcode.

nofollow = »yes» inside the shortcode will generate the link of the Tweet box as nofollow so that it does not affect SEO

Url = »no» removes the URL of our Tweet entry; it is useful if you want phrases to be shared, but your listings not to be shared; for example, it is helpful if you have a jokes web page.

via = »no» remove the Tweet path

Url = »» changes the URL of the appointment for any other, useful for sharing products within the posts.

As we see, the result is very similar in the two plugins. But with Better Click to Tweet, we have specific improvements.

Click to Tweet is an excellent way to get more dissemination on the social network Twitter. And of course, we can complement it with the social buttons using a plugin like Monarch.

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