Definition Tweet

A tweet is a publication or status update made on the microblogging(social media) platform, Twitter. It has a limit of 140 characters. A [tweet] contains letters, numbers, signs, and links.

Tweets contain hashtags or tags, which allow you to establish the topic or focus that you want to publish or relate it to a topic of conversation that is in the trending topic at that moment.

The [tweet] is an English word, alluding to the sound birds make. Hence, the Twitter brand icon is a  little bird.

Terms related to Twitter are [tweet] (user). It is the verb to [tweet] or trill, to assign the action of making a publication on Twitter, retweeting, tweeting a message from another user, and retweeting, to indicate the action and effect of retweeting. The retweet must be done explicitly by accompanying the text with the abbreviation RT.

Featured Tweet

A prominent tweet is one that the system of the Twitter platform highlights in the history of tweets of the user’s account. It increases the size of the letters because it has had repercussions, reactions or responses among the community of followers of the user. The fact that a tweet appears as highlighted can be due to several factors: if it gets answered, it has received retweets, if it gets marked as a favorite, or it contains a tag or word that has been key among the trends of the moment. As such, it is a way to show the most relevant of your Twitter activity on the user’s timeline or timeline.

Tweet pinned

A pinned tweet is an option Twitter offers to users to give more visibility to a post within its timeline. It sets the tweet that best represents the user at the top of their timeline.

Tweet limit

Tweet limit means a limit of tweets and refers to a regulation implemented by the company Twitter to set a daily limit of publications or tweets for each user. With this, they intend to avoid spam or junk content and penalize those users who are using their accounts in an abusive way. In this sense, users can only post 1,000 tweets a day and send a maximum of 250 direct messages, among other things. This limit is daily, and every 24 hours, it gets reset.

Top tweet

The top tweet is about the most relevant topics of the moment, due to their impact, importance, or the interest they have generated within the tweeting community.