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What is a Ban Hammer? Definition, History and More

What is a Ban Hammer? Definition, History and More

Ban Hammer Definition

The Ban Hammer is the figurative tool that administrators and moderators use to ban users. Ban Hammer helps you do that by preventing unwanted users from registering.

In a single WordPress installation, instead of using its own database table, Ban Hammer extracts from its banned email list of the Blacklist Comment feature, a native of WordPress. Since emails are never the same as IP addresses, you omit them and ignore them.

In a network instance, there is an entire network configuration for emails and forbidden domains. This means you only have one place to update and keep your list blocked. When a user on the file tries to register, he receives a customizable message that he cannot register.

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The banhammer originated in 1996 in Microsoft Chat, in which sometimes non-program users could be granted moderation positions. Users who receive these powers marks with a hammer icon next to their name, one gold, and one brown. The functions of these users involved, among others, banning. Hence the name of the banhammer.

Since then, the meme has been extended, and also the term banhammer is used to refer to the banning tool of the administrators, and many gifs and memes have been created.

Installation Process

Single installation

After installation, go to Tools> Ban Hammer to customize the error message (and forbidden emails, but it is the same list as your comment moderation, so…).


After installation, go to Network Administrator> Settings> Ban Hammer to customize the error message and the banned email list. It will prohibit users from across the network.

Privacy Policy

This add-on does not track data outside of what WordPress already collects. Use the email address sent to validate the domain and compare it with the list of prohibited domains and emails. No process of additional data.

Ban Hammer is an extraordinary fork of Philippe Paquet’s Non-Disposable Email plugin. The original add-on was a simple .dat file that included all defective emails (in general, such as Mailinator that are disposable), and if Ban Hammer does not do that, this would not have been possible without what was done before.

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