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What is an Application Server? – Definition, And More (2024)

What is an Application Server? – Definition, And More (2024)

Definition Application Server

An application server is a software framework; it provides both facilities to create web applications and a server environment to run them. Application Server Frameworks contain a complete service layer model.

Usually, it is a software device that provides application services to client computers. It generally manages most (or all) of the functions of negotiation logic and access to application data.

An application server is a specially designed computer with a high-performance architecture, robust server operating system, and one or more programs that automatically process the information after receiving.

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Applications for managing

Databases, processes accountants, contact center telephony, applications developed internally by the company, etc. so that several terminals can connect to the service simultaneously. And also to use the functionalities through network connections (LAN, VLAN, WAN-Internet, VPN, WLAN, etc.).

How does it work?

An application server is a remote machine. In this case, hosted in the SCI, and on which, when connecting, I can run applications without having them installed on my computer.

It is useful when my computer resources are not powerful enough to be able to install it locally. Or when I have a different operating system and incompatible with the software I need.

IMPORTANT: It is not a substitute for, nor we should use it as a personal desktop machine.

To transfer our work done on this remote machine, you can use the excellent network resources such as shared units or the UMA slogan.

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