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What is Apache OpenOffice? – Definition, Advantages, And More

What is Apache OpenOffice? – Definition, Advantages, And More

Definition Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice, an office suite, it is a set of computer programs that allow you to carry out different tasks, such as creating, editing, and storing documents in the workplace.

Since its source code can get freely used, modified, and also redistributed, Open Office is free software. It also has open-source: based on the collaboration of users.

The Open Office package consists of six programs: Writer, Calc, Draw, Base, Impress, and Math, which are available in more than a hundred languages.

The writer is the Open Office word processor. Its characteristics are similar to those of Microsoft Word. Its features include the possibility of exporting text files to HTML and PDF formats.

The Open Office spreadsheet is also called Calc. It is similar to Microsoft Excel, although it provides additional options and also allows you to export documents to PDF.

Draw is the vector graphics editor for Open Office. Base, meanwhile, is a database program, while Impress is a presentation program like Microsoft PowerPoint. Math, finally, is the Open Office application to create and edit mathematical formulas.

Open Office has already exceeded 100 million downloads. The system has been adopted by numerous residential users, but also by companies and by organizations and public entities.

Advantages of Open Office

The first advantage of Open Office over alternatives like Microsoft Office is undeniable: it does not cost money. The fact of being able to download this application package without having to pay for its use is very tempting for those people who do not have the necessary budget and refuse to steal. Although piracy is widespread in the computer world, many do not agree with this practice.

The purchase of a computer usually has a strong impact on the pocket, and not everyone can complement it with programs and other devices, but rather need to wait a while to recover financially. So getting home and being able to download Open Office and other free packages is good news.

Of course, the money we invest in a commercial program often affects its quality, its quantity of benefits. The presence of a 24-hour customer service team, frequent updates, and greater compatibility with the rest of the market products.

Disadvantages of Open Office

Although the tastes of each person are unquestionable, it often happens that free distribution and also open source programs are not up to date. Precisely because of the lack of organization, budget, and direction.

Another disadvantage of Open Office and similar offerings is that they are not always easy for veterans of their business counterparts to learn. Given that Microsoft Office has existed for a long time, a large percentage of PC users took their first steps through the world of office automation through Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. So that when they face apparently similar programs but with so many Differences in operation are easily confuse and frustrated.

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