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Decathlon City Center – Patna 
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Decathlon City Center – Patna 

Decathlon City Center – Patna 

Do you want to know about the Decathlon city center in Patna? If yes, you have opened the right article. We will tell you about the Decathlon city center in Patna. Before that, let’s talk about Patna.

Patna is the largest city and capital of Bihar state in India. It was founded by Udayin. Patna is also known as Pataliputra . It is famous for its food, languages, historic sites, and more. 

About Decathlon Decathlon 

Decathlon is a company that sells sports products in 2,080 stores in 69 countries. It is also known as the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. Decathlon was founded in 1976 by Michel Leclercq. 

Michel Leclercq is a billionaire businessman in France and the founder of Decathlon. He owns 40% of Decathlon, which Has its headquarters in Villeneuve-d’Arcy, France. Leclercq has a convenient sense of business

Leclercq’s fundamental aim was to help people through sports and provide products to all sports lovers. Decathlon has opened many companies in many states and cities to sell sports products to people at the best price. 

CEO of Decathlon in Different Countries 

Barbara Martin Coppola was appointed the Decathlon group’s chief executive officer in mid-March 2022. She succeeds Michel Aballea, who has been in office since 2015. 

The CEO of Decathlon in Germany is Arnaud Sauret, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, MY. Arnaud Sauret said, “Decathlon KL City Centre is more than just a sports store; [it is] a center for unique sports experiences.” 

Sankar Chatterjee is the CEO of Decathlon in India. Decathlon appointed Chatterjee as the CEO of the Decathlon group in India. He will return to the role in February 2024.  

 Decathlon has appointed Augusto as the Chief Executive Officer of the Decathlon group in Augusto FELIX. The Decathlon company in Italy has 5,320 employees. Suresh Ravichandran is the Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon South Africa. 

Values of Decathlon 

People are at the heart of the Decathlon business, and They have some simple rules: focus on what you love to do. You have the right to try, to make mistakes, and to try again. 

From these simple rules flow our values: 

Passion: Being in good spirits and full of energy. 

Responsibility: Taking charge of your life and being the driving force behind it. 

Legitimacy: Genuine to yourself and others. 

Generosity: Doing things from the heart and looking out for others. 

Decathlon City Center – Patna 

Decathlon City Centre in Christian Colony, Patna, is known for its best services to the demands of its customer base. It has 400 reviews from its customer base, and most dealers of Decathlon offer a warranty on their products.  

Decathlon City Center in Patna offers goods for all sports, including cricket, swimming, badminton, etc. For specific requirements, visit their website. Decathlon City Centre in Christian Colony, Patna, has built long-term business relationships. 

Decathlon City Center – Patna Address 

Store Location: City Centre Mall, Christian Colony, Lodipur, Patna, Bihar 800001 

Contact No: 089042 41861 

Store Timings: Mon-Sun: 11:00 AM-9:30 PM 


Services: Delivery Services, Same day Delivery 

Brand: Decathlon. 


In Conclusion, we explain the Decathlon City Center in Patna, its history, and its importance and values today. We also discuss the Decathlon City Center – Patna Address and more.

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