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Decathlon MBD Mall J – Complete Guide
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Decathlon MBD Mall J – Complete Guide

 About Decathlon

Decathlon is more than just a brand name. It’s a real story, a human adventure that began in 1976.

Michel Leclercq’s idea was to sell equipment for several sports rather than just one so everyone could choose their sport. With a philosophy that emphasized the quality of first-price products and the accessible price of the top-of-the-range products, Leclercq had a convenient sense of business.

About Decathlon

His other key aim is to be helpful to people through sport.

Since 1976, Decathlon has been driven by a single mission. To make sport accessible to all. This mission, more than just a slogan, is the very DNA of the company, guiding its choices and inspiring its actions daily.

From product innovation to international expansion, Decathlon has marked its history with milestones that have shaped the world of sport.

Now, you can enjoy and experience the entire offer on Decathlon India’s 60+ sports and over 6000+ products using the Decathlon mobile application!

The Founders of Decathlon

The adventure began in the parking lot of the Auchan shopping center in Englos, a town about twenty kilometers from Lille. Seven entrepreneurs were enthusiastic about Michel Leclercq’s vision: Benoit, Didier, Herve, Nicolas, Stanislas, and Stephane, all united by a shared passion for sport and contagious enthusiasm.

A small start-up was born, far from suspecting it would soon conquer the world. After seducing French sportsmen and sportswomen, it’s about to take the world by storm, but the gang of seven aren’t quite aware of it yet.

Values of Decathlon

People are at the heart of our business, and we have some simple rules: focus on what you love to do. You have the right to try, to make mistakes, and to try again.

From these simple rules flow our values:

Vitality: Being cheerful and full of energy.

Responsibility: Taking charge of your life and being the driving force behind it.

Authenticity: Being true to yourself and others.

Generosity: Doing things from the heart and looking out for others.

Values of Yesterday… and Today

A 1991 editorial by Michel Leclercq stated that there were six values, which have since evolved…

However, certain pillars were already present:

“What we seek to live each day are our six values: Vitality – Pleasure – Fraternal – Nature – True – Responsible.

What we seek to do each day are our six entrepreneurial wills:

1) Satisfied athletes, that’s my job!

2) a trustworthy company.

3) The enrichment of man through responsibility.

4) High-performance and profitable teams.

5) An international company in creation.

6) Acting with nature.”

Decathlon Mbd Mall J

Businesses or persons engaged in the selling and distributing sporting products and equipment are known as sports goods dealers.

These vendors usually provide a wide selection of goods for different sports, such as athletic attire, accessories, gear, and footwear. They are essential in facilitating consumer access to sports equipment by acting as a one-stop for athletes, sports fans, and everyone wishing to get active.

Decathlon Mbd Mall J

Decathlon Mbd Mall J offers many sports and physical hobbies goods. This covers athletic gear, including jerseys, shorts, clothes tailored to a particular sport, & shoes for various sports. They also sell safety gear, fitness accessories, and sporting goods, including balls, bats, and rackets.

Decathlon Mbd Mall J may stock products for team sports, individual sports, and leisure activities to give clients the equipment they need to play their preferred sports and lead an active lifestyle.

Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd (MBD Mall)

Store Location: Lower Ground Floor, Mbd Neopolis Mall, Jalandhar-144001 (Sehdev Market)

Store Contact No: 07947426924

Working Hours: Mon-Sun/11:00AM-9:00PM

Services: Delivery Services, Same day Delivery

Amenities: In Store Collection, Shop in Store

Brand: Decathlon

Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd (MBD Mall)Innovation:

Innovation is at the top of what they do. They “Innovate smart” because they want to make sports easier for people who use their products. Their innovative examples include the 2-second pop-up tent that makes camping easier, the roll-on net that encourages playing table tennis on any flat surface, or even the Kipsta Cage, which can turn any ground into a football field. Discover many such products on the Decathlon app.


In Conclusion, we explain the Decathlon, its history, and its importance and values today. Also, Decathlon Mbd Mall J location and more.

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