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Accessing Resources through Android Mobile App Development Process

Accessing Resources through Android Mobile App Development Process

App Development Process

If you are thinking about developing a new Android mobile app, then you should know that you are about to join the league of successful mobile apps. Ever since being launched as an open project based on the Linux kernel in 2003, Android has emerged as the most popular mobile operating system. The most popular mobile operating system runs over two billion devices all across the world. Moreover, nearly four million apps have been published by app developers on the most popular mobile operating system. Several major manufactures use Android as the default operating system on their phones.

Exemplary Marketing  makes customized Android mobile apps for your businesses so that the users can access them across multiple devices and browsers. In this guide, access to resources is covered with respect to the Android mobile app development process. It explains what resources are required before you can start working on the app development in Android. After that whereas other resources have been explained in great detail as part of the guide. Moreover, certain tools have also been explained through which you can further enhance your interaction with the Android operating system.

After selecting Android as your operating system, there are a few resources which you will be needing to start a project. The app developers who are beginners mostly start with Google home page. From Google homepage, they are directed towards the Android website or you can directly access the Android developer site. From Android developer site, a number of resources can be accessed which include the following items:

  • Sample code to jump-start your development
  • Existence of tests for verification the behaviour and usability of the app before it is released
  • Provision of design and behaviour guidelines which you can follow which you can build your app.

Prior to working on your project, it is important that you install Java and set up the Java development kit on your computer. After which, you can download and install the Android software development kit which is a requirement for Android mobile app development. Application programming interfaces which it contains can be used or be made a reference of while developing your application. Google Chrome comes as the default browser along with the Android operating system. However, there are other browsers like Firefox which you can also use for browsing activities.

Along with the software development kit is Android Studio which you can install. The Android Studio is the official integrated development environment which is specifically for native Android. The integrated development environment is considered essential for Android mobile app development which you can help with coding, spell checking, error warnings, user interface development, etc. The Android Studio is built on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA software. It has replaced the Eclipse tools which can be formerly used as the Android integrated development environment.

C++ is often used to write apps which are geared for high performance and quick reactivity. This is why many game developers often opt for this programming language. The C++ code can be reused for your Android app by downloading the Android native development kit. The Android native development kit can help in setting parts of your app using C or C++ code and libraries.

Additionally, software is available to emulate Android on various operating systems which include Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Android emulator converts Android files into a format which is recognizable for other operating systems. Android follows a material design principle, which is used in many of today’s enterprise apps. The material design provides a guide for visual, motion and interaction design in order to create a user enriching experience across platforms and devices.

For Android users, Google store apps are always about staying on top, unique and distinct from others. In addition, the app developers have been given an opportunity by the most popular mobile operating system i.e. Android to go through a beautiful and user-enriching experience user interface then your first consideration should be Exemplary Marketing Company which takes responsibility for developing these apps for you by becoming your go to source for mobile app development. The Lost Angeles based App Development Company provides you with one stop shop for mobile app development catering to wide ranging companies from finance to retail. The company provides a wide variety of features to their enterprise customers which include authentication and back-end security. Moreover, the facility of push notifications is also enabled by the company to provide the enterprises with the facility so that they can send notifications through the mobile apps to their end users. The Exemplary Marketing company app developers have the capabilities to cater to the diverse demands of the customers so that you are able to offer to you users an app that is enriched with user experience and allows your brand royalty.

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