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Three Advantages of CNC Milling

Three Advantages of CNC Milling

Advantages of CNC Milling – CNC milling is one of the CNC machining services that is available. This is a subtractive production method. During this process you will develop a product with the help of a special machine, this will remove parts from a block material. The machine will, of course, use specific tools to cut away parts of the material. This is thus entirely different from a 3D printing service, because with this process you will create an object with a 3D printer. CNC milling is thus different, but it is used quite a lot. This is partially due to the three advantages you can find below.

Fast production

CNC milling is seen as a quick process, which is a great advantage. If you use this method it will not take long to develop an item. The production will thus be finished relatively quickly as well. Because of this fact, the items can obviously be delivered to the customer in the space of a few days. In the past it would take much longer, but the time to develop a product with a CNC machine has decreased quite a lot in the last few years. This is due to the new systems being faster and better, while the software has also improved. 

Excellent characteristics

CNC milling is used a lot as well because the great characteristics of the material used to develop a product will essentially remain the same after the milling has been done. The characteristics will thus be identical to before the process was started, which is a big benefit of this method. If the object needs to perform really well, CNC milling is an excellent way to produce it since the characteristics will not decrease. The milled items are definitely able to perform extremely well, while they can also be made out of many different materials. 

Small orders

Furthermore, CNC milling makes it possible for customers to order a small amount of items. If this is done the price will still be relatively low. It is already possible to order 10 to 100 objects. If you want to order 10 identical items the price per product will be around 70 percent lower than when you buy just one model. This is the case since CNC milling has a specific characteristic. The costs to start the process will namely be high, but if you have a big order then these costs will be spread. 

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