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Is the Price of SAP B1 Software in India Expensive?

Is the Price of SAP B1 Software in India Expensive?

SAP is a well-known and in-demand ERP software application all over the world. This platform is extremely crucial for the growth of any organization. But there are some companies which are hesitant to go for this platform. The reason is that they feel SAP is very costly. One of the reasons is that the implementation of SAP can be quite a complex process. The implementation of the SAP platform is believed make the price of SAP B1 software in India expensive. The customers who want to utilize SAP requires the support and guidance from experts who are SAP partners. So, can small businesses afford to choose SAP Business One in India? It is often seen that small and medium enterprises feel that an ERP solution is required by big corporates. However, SAP Business One is needed for accelerating the growth of any kind of business.

The overall price of SAP B1 software in India will depend on the number of licenses being purchased. If you buy more licenses, you may get a good discount on the price. The priciest license is the professional license, with which users can get all functionalities. There are other licenses at cheaper prices for users who require a particular functionality. If support is required for the installation of SAP Business One, a maintenance fee has to pay every year, which is a percentage of the price of all the total licenses. However, the updates are free. Every time a new version provides users with a new functionality, the users have to run an upgradation.

Breakdown of the price of SAP B1 software in India

The price of SAP B1 software in India can be due to the following factors –

  • License Costs – Every user has their own unique license for accessing SAP Business One. There are different costs for different licenses. A professional license offers users access to all the functionalities of the SAP software. A limited license is for users who require some particular modules in the solution. This will be provided at a lesser cost. The cost for subscriptions for cloud-based users is dependent on the number of users that have been given access. You can also get discounts on the on-premise licenses. Get the best quotation from the SAP Business One experts according to the required number of users.
  • The Complexity of Implementation – On average, a project may take a month or more to get completed. It will depend on how complicated the solution is and how long it takes to implement the system. Along with the implementation, there may be user training and workshops for upskilling the team and helping them make the most of their investment. SAP partners have charges for these kinds of services which affects the price of SAP B1 software in India.
  • On Purchasing the Software– you are asked to pay a yearly software maintenance charge. The contract of maintenance is important because it will enable access to all the latest innovations and version upgrades by SAP. It offers continuous support and user assistance.

The price of SAP B1 software in India is dependent on how organizations want to host the SAP solution. If it is on the cloud, there will be a decrease in the environmental costs because of the increase in the number of users like the license costs. But, in the case of an on-premise solution, the prices of purchasing any external hardware will also have to be considered.  Select a good SAP implementation partner who will help your business get the best package keeping in mind your requirements as well as the budget of the organization.

SAP Price List

This functionality enables the creation of a list of prices that are valid for a particular date for a specific list of products as well as groups of business partners. Price lists can be used to make the current prices available at any time in the form of a list. These can be created for customer groups, individual customers, and a few particular products. The simplest way of pricing in SAP is a price list. It is needed to see the list of the price of the products that are regularly ordered.  The Price List will be based on various customer groups on each price list. A price is entered for each item and unit of measure and when a business partner belonging to that price list buys a product, they will then get the correct price for their products. A correct price list has to be assigned to its customers by the organization because the prices of each item keep changing and the required price has to be picked during the sales order creation.

SAP price lists are created on the basis of the following –

  • Sales Cycle – Here, the price list will calculate the sales order value for selling an item to different categories of customers. Many products can be assigned to different price lists.
  • Purchase Cycle – Price lists calculate the purchase order when the business is getting the products from the vendors. Same as in the case of the sales cycle, companies can use SAP Business One for assigning different purchase products to a number of price lists, with each being configured for a vendor.


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has become a necessity for any kind of growing business. SAP Business One is an affordable solution even for companies that have smaller budgets. The Price of SAP B1 software in India will depend on the requirements of the business. The cost of SAP is determined on the basis of many factors and according to the scale and needs of the business, the price of the SAP software can be high or low The SAP implementation is done according to the requirements of the company as well as considering the demands of customers, which makes it expensive.  The right and experienced SAP partner like Praxis Info solutions will be the best guide in finding and selecting the best SAP license pack according to your business needs as per the budget as well as give the users the support that they require and make sure that an efficient and successful transition will happen to the SAP application in their businesses.

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