You Must Get Discord Nitro

While you are playing games online, communication is the key to strategic games. You are bound to ask for directions, talk about your next move and ask your teammates to support your activity; all of it requires you to be connected to the teammates over an uninterrupted platform that works fine with your game and offers full functionality.

Enter: Discord. Discord is the communication platform that gamers prefer to work on while playing with the team. You can chat, talk or send media to your contacts on the list. As a new gamer, you might be surprised at how much the seasoned games depend on the discord platform instead of the in-game VoIP that lags and often slows down the game.

Discord offers all the features of a quality communication platform that is not limited to gamers but is generally gamer-specific. You can join and start your network as soon as you log in, add friends, join a chat server and start chatting. You can enter as many chat servers as you want and are interested in talking.

The server is like a chatroom where people with similar interests talk and exchange their thoughts on the subject matter. For gamers, it is to discuss the gameplay or cheat codes, progress and game-related banter. You can express yourself with text, gifs, videos, files or voice chat video chat. The sheer versatility of the app is off charts.

You can begin your own server by sending an invite code to your friends and family to join. Also can join other servers by their invite codes. You can also implement various discord bots that help you through your discord account; they do what you ask them to do, they can welcome the new member on the server, moderate the server, play music with your friends and much more. Discord bots are an exclusive luxury that discord offers.

What is discord nitro and discord nitro classic?

Discord is an entirely free platform. However, if you want complete access to all the features that the discord can provide, you might want to upgrade your discord. Boosting is the term used for upgrading your discord service account. While the free discord world is just fine, you get features that allow you to level up your game one step higher with upgraded discord.

Nitro is the paid membership for the discord that grants you global access to the custom emojis, nitro stickers, a custom discord tag and allows much more customization to your end. Discord, later, brought in one more upgrade, and now you can either upgrade to discord nitro or discord nitro classic for a few bucks.

Discord nitro classic: with essential upgrades compared to the free discord, discord nitro classic is the friendlier option if you don’t know that you will enjoy discord nitro. However, with $4.99/month or $49.99/year charges, the classic package for discord nitro comes with fewer benefits than the high-end upgrade.

Advantages of discord nitro classic:

  1. More emojis for more expressions: you can use emojis, custom-made emojis, animated emojis, and stickers to express yourself completely. (You require to obtain permission to “use external emojis” on your server)
  2. Customize your profile: you can use an animated tag and Personalize your profile with a custom tag. (continue the subscription to use the animated title in your profile)
  3. Benefits for your server: with the classic nitro subscription, you get 30% off server Boosts, allowing your server to access the upgrade for everyone. You can ask them to pitch in for the server’s advantages. (You only pay $3.49 instead of $4.99 for additional server boosters.)
  4. Rep Your Status: Custom profile badge to show off your Nitro Status. The Nitro Badge shows the subscription start date and disappears as soon as you no longer have a subscription.
  5. Bigger Uploads: the primary benefit of the classic is the upgrade in the upload size. Upload what you want with an increased 50MB upload size of 8MB for free discord.
  6. HD Video: another feature that puts nitro classic on the streamers radar is the screen sharing and streaming resolution increased up to 1080p/60fps. It is a must for all gamers and streamers.

Discord nitro:

When the upgrade was well received by the users, discord saw it as an opportunity to further enhance the user experience and brought in the big guns. Discord Nitro is the ultimate package that overrides the conflict and classic discord and provides an array of additional benefits for the users, servers, and server users. Following are the benefits you get for a small cost of $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

  1. The discord nitro provides all the benefits of the discord nitro classic package and the following ones.
  2. Benefits for the servers: you get 2 Server Boosts and 30% off extra Boosts; that means you are paying considerably less for the boosts that are beneficial to your server and members. You only pay $3.49 instead of $4.99 for additional server boosters.
  3. High quality and quantity uploads: the upload limit is extended to up to 100MBs that was just 8 MB for free users, 50 MB for classic users. Upload what you want with an increased upload size.
  4. Watch better quality HD Video: quality streaming video is the key to a successful career as a streamer. With nitro discord, you get a Better video resolution of 4k 60fps for all your streams, videos and screen shares.
  5. Increased character count: you can express yourself better with a high word limit and character count of 4000. Let’s not forget that gamers need to talk.
  6. Build a Community, join More Server: you can join up to 200 servers with the upgrade. It is for the people who have a wide range of interests and love to talk about it. You can also sort your joined servers into folders so you can connect quickly and be particular about your interests.
  7. Style your profile: nitro discord allows further customization of your profile and account. You can express yourself with an animated avatar, profile banner, and custom tag.


Discord is a free platform that works fine on its own, but if you are a hardcore gamer, that enjoys live streaming, communicating and socializing in the gaming community, you must consider the upgrades for your app. Happy gaming!