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Benefits of a Server Demo: Ultimate Guide [2024]

Benefits of a Server Demo: Ultimate Guide [2024]

Renting a server as a demo has several advantages. In this article, we highlight the four biggest benefits! Are you planning to purchase a new server soon? Then it is certainly worthwhile to go through these benefits.

Prior to sale

If you want to replace your IT environment soon, you may already be looking for a new system to buy. That is (in many cases) a big decision that you don’t make one-two-three. Most likely you already have a server in mind where you have already listed all the advantages, but it lacks practical experience. With a demo you will find out in practice whether the system actually suits your company. That is of course very handy for a large investment. You can also rent a server (translated to Dutch: server huren) at IRENT for a small price.

Familiar with technology quickly

The first big advantage of a server demo, and therefore renting a server, is that you become familiar with the new technology in a short time. This gives you the practical experience that in many cases is desirable to see whether the system works as hoped in advance. You can also use a demo as a bridge between the decision to choose that server and the moment everything is installed. Often there is a period in between. With a demo you can still use this time meaningfully.

Explore possibilities

The second advantage of a demo is an extension of the previous advantage. As soon as you are looking for a new server, you can come up with a “wish list” yourself. This, again, without any practical experience. By getting started with a demo, as IRENT offers it for many servers, for example, you can explore several possibilities of the server. You may gain insights that you did not have prior to the demo. The purchase of a server can be even better!

Reduce risks

It is of course good to research carefully before purchasing a server. This also reduces the risk of unfortunate investments. If a new server does not immediately meet all requirements, this can cost a lot. Do not forget the frustrations of you and all employees. With a demo you reduce the chance of these annoyances.

Get the rest

Suppose you are completely convinced of a new server, but not everyone in your company sees it that way. You can (hopefully) persuade these people by coming up with a demo. This is a very accessible way to present the system for the first time. Without huge investments, everyone can get started with the intended server. If the demo works out well, then you have succeeded in getting everyone else enthusiastic about the system!

Have your eyes been opened after seeing these benefits? Then take a quick look around the renters of servers. Good luck!

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