Are you looking to buy a “New Wireless Earbuds” to experience music to another level? With features like noise cancellation, transparency modes, and aptX, it’s hard to figure out what you should really be looking for in a range of best wireless earbuds. So, we’ve tamed together all of the wireless earbuds features that really matter, and explained why they might be useful to you.

The Primary Features: Audio Quality, Battery Life, and Controls

Before we look at all of these great features, let’s cover the basics of wireless earbuds. We will try to make this as informative and simple as possible. Here you will find information for everyone, regardless of your budget or headset skills.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is often the guide for wireless earbud buyers. If you want your audio quality for your wireless earbuds to be the best, spend more than $ 100 and take some time to familiarize yourself with features like ANC and aptX.

But if audio quality is not that important to you, don’t worry. $ 40 to $ 100 worth of wireless earbuds sound good enough for most people. They generally have the same battery life as Apple AirPods.

Battery Life

Apple AirPods have a playtime of four or five hours. This time can be extended with the box rate system, which includes an additional 24-hour juice. And overall, you can expect the battery life of any headphone, even the cheapest options.

Of course, some wireless earbuds outlast the AirPods’ battery life. The Creative Runaways Air, which got its staggering 10-hour playtime from ‘Blossoms,’ is a prime example in its own right, costing just $ 80.

What you can’t expect from cheaper wireless earbuds is fast charging. With AirPods, you get three hours of playtime on a 15-minute charge. Likewise, budget earbuds charge about half the speed, and the cheaper options are a bit slower. Fast charging comes in handy when you’re listening to music at work or forgetting to put your earbuds back in your pocket. It’s no hassle, but it’s worth talking about.


Wireless earbuds are set up and forgotten. You pair them once via Bluetooth, and they’ll automatically connect and disconnect when you enter and exit the collection.

Unfortunately, the controls built into wireless earbuds can be difficult to use. People make it easy in advertising, but wireless earbuds have small buttons that are a bit awkward to use, especially if you skip the instruction manual. Some of them lack the volume controls entirely, forcing you to adjust the volume on the phone.

If you want to use your phone through your earbuds, we recommend looking for “touch” controls. These controls don’t use click buttons, so you don’t have to slide your finger in your ear to pause or play tracks.

Earbuds like the AirPods Pro also have the “stem” controls to be easier to use.

Latest Features of Wireless Earbuds to Lookout For in 2020

Water Resistance

It is one of the best features; if you intend to use your earbuds while doing it at the gym, performing intense outdoor work, coaching, or team swimming, then you might want to buy a couple with an IPX7 rating. This rating confirms that your earbuds can withstand immersion in a meter of water.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation earbuds with integrated microphones for monitoring the noises in your environment and canceling ambient sounds. They’re perfect for blocking the engine noise of an airplane or bus, and you can come in handy while working in a coffee shop or strolling downtown.

That said, ANC wireless earbuds, which are expensive, and they work best in areas with a range of low-frequency hums. You might not notice a huge contrast when listening to ANC earplugs at home, and you might not notice how they feel on your ears.

Ear-fit and Multi-device Compatibility

Apart from water resistance and noise cancellation, the other two features for the best wireless earbud are ear-fit and multi-device compatibility.

The tips of the ears should seal well with the ear canal. When the setting is correct, the noise cancellation is improved, and the music has a rich bass sound. Using the earbuds that work best for you, you will get the best sound quality and great noise cancellation.


We’ve almost covered a lot of ground on the wireless earbuds, from the primary features to special features. In conclusion, we recommend our users to go through all these latest informative features before buying earbuds.

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