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The Reasons Why SEO Competitor Analysis Is Important

The Reasons Why SEO Competitor Analysis Is Important

Why SEO Competitor Analysis Is Important

Do you ever think about SEO and feel overwhelmed?

I would be surprised if you didn’t: most people would rather not deal with the seeming uncertainty of search engines and how they operate.

And the business competition to the marketing mix, and they run scared. However, the truth is:

  • SEO is not half as complex as people make it out to be
  • Your business competitors can be your allies if you allow them

Imagine being in a position to reverse-engineer someone else’s success, and identify their weaknesses to win bigger and frequently.

That’s the best thing about competition. The way to tap into this is through competitive intelligence. An SEO competitor analysis tool will come in handy to gather insights on the strategies that are working for others so that you can adopt, and improve them to gain a competitive edge.

When it comes to SEO, this has never been more important. Here are the main reasons why competitor SEO analysis is important.

1. Helps Identify Your Competitors

Do you know who your main competitor is in the market? If not, then consider an analysis to identify and gauge their standing in the market. in doing so, you will find both direct business and online competitors in the market.

To identify your biggest SEO competitors, have these tips in mind:

  • Check your ‘money’ keywords: what keywords drive the biggest return and conversions? These are known as money keywords. Make sure you maintain a competitive edge against the websites that want to rank for the same keywords. That’s the only way to get maximum value from your SEO strategy.
  • Evaluate Long-tail keywords
  • Consider niche competitors
  • Know the websites to ignore

2. Social Media and Interaction Analysis

The exact relationship between social media and SEO is shrouded in mystery. Google has openly stated that they don’t treat shares on social media the same way as links. And yes, it is widely accepted that social media presence leads to a higher SERP ranking.

Therefore, check how your competitors use social media platforms. Also, check the platforms that they do and don’t use. It’ll also prove useful how they share content with their customers. For instance, do they use emails, then an email scraper software would prove beneficial to you.

The information you get helps you to tweak and adjust your social media usage and how you communicate with your customers.

3. Identify the Websites that Competitors Are Linking to

The analysis helps you identify the sites that your competitors are linked to and which you don’t. From this, you can build a link profile by adding links from websites already linked to your competitors. And remember websites that link to multiple competitors add value to your site. Therefore, reach out to these sites and create guest posts there.

4. Enhances Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a complicated process that requires a lot of action and planning. Here, your business needs to do SEO and launch digital marketing campaigns that work for your project.

The good thing is, competitor analysis ensures that you’re working from an information point of view. With this, you can create a campaign that resonates with the market demand. Therefore, it’s important to dig into your industry to understand what your competing businesses are up to. This information is only possible through a comprehensive competitor analysis.


The healthy competition allows businesses to stay sharp and on top of their game. Therefore, looking to beat your rivals is not a matter of satisfying your ego but serving your customers. You can only do this if you understand what it is that they’re doing.

When it comes to SEO, the only way to understand your competitor is by undertaking an SEO competitor analysis. Here, you’ll collect data on the keywords they target, the links they’ve achieved, and how they use their social media platforms. Make use of this information to improve your SEO.

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