As more companies realize the power of cloud security solutions and are moving more of their infrastructure and data to the cloud, the efficiency of cloud security is quickly becoming a topic of discussion among users.

Studies reveal that 90% of companies are on the cloud at the moment. It is estimated that the number will rise at a steady pace.

Also referred to as cloud computing security, cloud security is made up of technologies, policies, procedures, and controls that work together to protect infrastructure, cloud-based systems, and data.

The security measures are designed to set authentication rules for devices and individual users, protect cloud data, protect customers’ privacy, and support regulatory compliance. Since all the rules are managed and configured in a single location, IT teams enjoy the privilege of handling other issues in business.

The type of cloud security solution in place determines the way cloud security is provided. Here are some valid reasons why cloud security solutions are a must-have for every enterprise:

Regulatory Compliance

Most organizations are hesitant to give cloud security solutions a try because of the compliance factor. Regulatory compliance simply means ‘to be following the rules provided by regulators.’

All regulated industries strive to comply with the regulations since failure to do so attracts a hefty fine and could affect the individual company’s performance level in the long run.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a cloud security solution does not jeopardize an organization’s regulatory compliance. It does the exact opposite. It protects personal and financial data as well as maintaining and managing improved infrastructures for compliance.

Every cloud solution has its capability, so before settling for a particular type, please carry out the necessary research to ensure that it can assist you in meeting compliance standards that apply to your enterprise and industry.

High Support and Availability

With best-practices in cloud security solutions, you are guaranteed of top support for your company’s assets. No matter the time or day of the week, a cloud security solution offers constant support such as live monitoring 24/7 and every day of the year.

They also have built-in redundancies to ensure that your company’s applications and website are always online. Most solution developers provide an ever-available platform where users can share any problems they are encountering with the products and receive instant assistance.

Protection Against DDoS

DDoS, or Distributed Denial-of-Service, is a malicious attempt to interfere with the usual traffic of a network, service, or targeted server by overwhelming the target or neighboring infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.

For DDoS to be effective, a cybercriminal has to successfully control a network of online machines. IoT devices, computers, and other similar machines are infected with malware, converting them into bots.

The attacker can easily manipulate the group of bots and sends updated instructions to each bot through remote control to control them.

Some common types of DDoS attacks are SYN Flood, HTTP Flood, UDP Flood, Ping of Death, and ICMP Flood.

A DDoS attack increases the website load time and depletes server resources. Cloud security solutions aim to stop large amounts of traffic aimed at a company’s cloud servers. This involves monitoring, absorbing, and dispersing such attacks to lower risk levels.

They Offer Data Protection

In a world where data breaching seems to be the norm, even hiring the best IT professionals may not guarantee the protection of your company’s sensitive information. Cloud security solutions are a better alternative.

They have security protocols in place to protect transactions and sensitive information. This way, a third party cannot interfere with data as it is being transmitted or eavesdropped on sensitive matters.

The security protocols in solutions have been tried and tested by experts to ensure that users get the best protection available.

Total Flexibility

Cloud security solutions are not contained in any physical structure. This feature grants them the capability to provide you with the security you require, whether you are turning up or down capacity.

You also get the flexibility to avoid troublesome server crashes during high traffic times by scaling up your solution. When the traffic madness lowers intensity, you can then cut on costs by scaling back down.

The world of cloud security is a simple one to understand, and with the right cloud solution, your business is set to survive this tricky data-safety era.

As you go for a cloud solution, some of the factors you should consider are its data storage location, tech support, security capabilities, and, of course, the price.