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What Is GoGoPDF And Why You Should Use It For Your PDFs

What Is GoGoPDF And Why You Should Use It For Your PDFs

Today’s technology has eradicated the need for paper documents when it comes to keeping records. The computer age has given birth to a lot of document editing software that keeps up with its users’ changing needs.

Over the past years, significant evolution when it comes to document editing has been going around. Despite a lot of software that one can use when it comes to their file alteration needs, only a few can provide an excellent service, and one of them is the GoGoPDF. This article will provide the necessary information about the software and why using this is best for you.

What Is GoGoPDF?

The GogoPDF is an online web-based file conversion tool that lets its users access and edit PDF files comfortably. This editor helps you manage any of your documents easily by allowing you to convert a specific file type to PDF. This means there is no need for you to open multiple applications to be able to do it.

GoGoPDF offers a lot of services, and few of them are how to add page numbers to PDF, convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to PowerPoint, convert PDF to Excel, convert any office files to PDF, and convert PDF to PNG/JPG and many more. Using this tool will not only give you top-quality assistance but also provides comfort and reliability.

Most people admire PDF files because of its read-only character. But, there are also instances where you need to alter a file, and this is where GogoPDF can showcase its flexibility in performing the job. Aside from that, there are more features this tool can offer, and some of them are listed below.

Platform And Browser Compatibility

This tool keeps all the information in sync from all of your devices. GoGoPDF can do this because of its compatibility with every major browser like Mac, Windows, Google Chrome, Linux, Internet Explorer, and even other computer operating systems too.

Number Pages Effortlessly

Adding numbers to your pages can give you various advantages, and one of them is to quickly locate and highlight crucial points in any of your reports. Also, numbers are readable on a screen on words; this is why it is essential to utilize them whenever possible. Not to mention any content that is arranged by number is easier to follow.

If you are looking for a perfect tool that will help you in numbering your pages with ease, GoGoPDF will be one of your best choices. You can complete it in three easy steps; upload the file, click on the pages you wish to add numbers, download your file, save it to your computer, and there is your finished file.

In general, even if you have the most innovative ideas in mind, but if you miss organizing them, your report will only look like a scattered puzzle, and your viewers will never understand your message. This tool knows none of their users would want that. This is why you can start by using this software today.

Sharing Options

The GoGoPDF web-based tool gives two options to share and send your document. One is through email; you have the opportunity to send your file with a personalized message. Another way is for you to copy the given link, paste it into your text or email message, and send it to your colleague or to whom you want to send it.

Secured Cloud Storage

Since this tool is web-based, all alteration takes place on their servers. Every editing will be completed online and may be automatically saved in the Cloud. It is one reason why most users utilize GoGoPDF because they can take advantage of top-quality and fast results. There is no need to download and install an application or software on your pc.

Consumer Privacy Protection

Data privacy is one of the significant concerns every web-based user has. Providing any of your information online can be used for possible cybercrime and identity theft, and that is something you would not want to happen. Hence, checking and verifying the site and tools you are going to use is essential.

For users who are worried about their personal information getting exposed, GoGoPDF is one of the software that gives priority and importance to this matter. This tool indeed respects its user’s privacy and is dedicated to keeping their data. 

Since they follow the highest standards when it comes to security, they can guarantee to keep your information private all of the time. Every uploaded file will be automatically removed from their servers after 60 minutes.


File editing tools have become one of the essential instruments when it comes to attaining an outstanding report. Various platforms are being offered over the internet today; this is why you need to make sure to get the ones that meet your expectations.


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