World of Warcraft is rightfully considered one of the best MMO RPGs in the history of the gaming industry, and one of the reasons is the presence of a large number of activities that can be done in the game in addition to the standard functionality associated with pumping.

Far from all of these activities and mechanics, and therefore it is worth analyzing them all, in case the newcomers have not yet figured out the main points.

It is worth clarifying that the main points in games and the main mechanics that are not included in the training of the game itself can be gleaned not only from guides. You can follow the link – and order a training service from professional players who will teach you:

  1. Proper movement and positioning.
  2. Grind technique for mining gold and resources.
  3. Learning and applying skills to form good and effective builds.
  4. Tactics in PVP, how to properly enter the battle and lead it against one or several opponents.
  5. The passage of raids and the principles of the correct formation of a group when creating it and evaluating a ready squad – is it worth joining them so as not to fail the raid.

What can you do in World of Warcraft 1

Things to do in the World of Warcraft – obvious and not obvious activities


Quests are activities offered by the World of Warcraft itself and presented as the main source of gaining experience and learning the basic game mechanics.

It is through the instructions received from the NPCs that you will deal with the system of skills, experience, resources and gradually move towards being sent to the Dragon Islands.

Quests can be divided into two types – main and secondary.

The main ones – they are issued by key NPCs, and it is they who lead you from location to location, helping to pump the hero and move correctly in the development of your character.

Secondary – optional tasks that carry only an additional reward and do not play a special role in the overall understanding of the game plot and character progress. The only thing worth clarifying is that secondary tasks do not have a clear and balanced reward and can reward players with both minor items and valuable resources. You need to evaluate quests by the potential reward and the time it will take you to receive it. The ideal combination is story and secondary tasks, if they are performed at the same location.

Hunting in game locations

One of the alternatives to game pumping with the help of quests is the classic hunting in locations for farming the corresponding level. Often, mandatory quests will lead you to profitable territory for single leveling and earning gold.

If you choose to hunt in a place where the monsters outnumber you by several levels, then you can provide yourself with a lot of experience, gold and additional materials and resources that you are unlikely to get by completing quests.

These are various resources that are needed for mastering professions and crafting – they can either be sold or put aside in your inventory or in a warehouse for the subsequent study of the chosen craft.

If you want to engage in the targeted collection of valuable resources in parallel with the hunt, or separately from it, then you need to buy several tools.

It is important to note that gathering professions share slots with crafting, and if you start gathering different resources, you may occupy both profession slots and not be able to master the crafting craft if you have such plans in the future.

If you do not want to come into contact with crafts and engage exclusively in gold mining, then two gathering professions will help you earn a lot of gold simply by selling all the extracted materials to interested artisans.

To be able to collect ore and skins, you will need a pickaxe and a carving knife. They can be bought from the NPC associated with the profession system.

If you collect ore from rocks that can be found on the game map under the pickaxe mark, you will have a chance to get gems that can be sold to jewelers to create special stones. In this way, you will be able to supply resources to blacksmiths, who, in addition to producing weapons, armor and tools, also mount sockets into which they actually insert gems with additional parameters that are individual to each character.

Hunting in game locations

Craft related professions

If you master one of the professions for collecting materials, then it is logical to choose a craft for it that can sell all the extracted resources and turn them into equipment, weapons, potions, scrolls, tools and other items useful to players.

You can combine the following professions to complete the full cycle of independent mining and production.

Mining and forge – such a bundle will allow you to cover part of the market at the request of the players. The blacksmith creates weapons and armor from steel, crafts tools for himself and other artisans, assembles sockets for inserting stones with additional characteristics for all professions that never lose their overall popularity and value in any game content updates.

Mining and Jewelcrafting – such a bunch of professions allows you to mine gems and use them to create jewelry and stones with additional properties. With this selection, you will not need the ore, and you can sell it to artisans who will find the best use for it. Jewelers create cages for catching elementals, and not a single hero can do without them, because without high-quality jewelry, an enemy magician will destroy you in a couple of skills.

Skinning and leatherworking – everything is simple here, in order to sell the extracted resources, you need a profession that is directly related to them. Leatherworking is no less in demand than the forge, as it prepares equipment for all heroes with the main attribute of agility and allows you to create special items of equipment – hats, helmets, bags to expand your inventory.

Tailoring is a unique profession that allows you to sew magical outfits and various clothes using thread. The uniqueness is that this is the only production profession that does not require additional skills and tools to collect the necessary resources. You simply kill certain monsters and use the materials to make thread.

In this regard, you can combine this profession with any other. For example, with the inscription – since you have chosen the tailoring of magical items, then it is likely that your character is a magician and the inscription will help you create staves as the main weapon for attacking magic-type classes.

You will need reagents, but fortunately they can also be obtained with the help of fishing, which is considered a common profession and is available to all players, regardless of which game slots they have chosen to study.