Ways of increasing Instagram followers

What does the right way mean? For an account which is struggling, it might be tempted to end up going the use of questionable tactics like pods or buy Instagram followers from sellers who are not trustworthy or sources which are unreliable.

If you do so, you will end up purchasing fake followers and in the worst scenario, penalties from Instagram. Visit EarthWeb to get the best service for Instagram. Not to mention the number on your Instagram following which will not matter if it will not be representing the fans who are truly following who make visits to your landing page, purchase, and advocate for your brands with followers and friends.

The following are basics on how to gain authentic followers which will engage with you legitimately and which you can combine with the ones that you buy from legitimate sources online.

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Post on a consistent manner and the correct time

It might sound to be obvious but on Instagram, consistency happens to count. The common thread which is between majority of the followed accounts is that, their feeds are normally filled with content which happens to be fresh.  To make a point to publish daily is a great point to start with to get followers on your Instagram.

The concept to use here is quite simple; the more content that you are going to publish, the more opportunities which you will have to be discovered and shared. It doesn’t mean that you should prioritize quantity to quality, but it simply means that you will be in a position to ensure that you are committed to having your presence grow.

Also, strong, consistent content will help your prospective followers to get to know you as well as your brand identity. If there is nothing else, you will be able to signal your account to remain active and not to gather cobwebs. That is where the Sprout Social tends to come into focus.

With that, you can be able to draft and queue your Instagram posts well in advance.  It is not only going to keep you from the need to come up with content ideas and captions in real time while also being able to guarantee fewer gaps in your calendar for publishing.

Another important benefit when it comes to scheduling is that you can be in a position to align your content with the best times of positing on various social media platforms including Instagram. An example being weekday morning or early afternoon which is seen as a sweet point for majority of brands in terms of rate of engagement?

But the top times that you should post, will tend to vary with the type of brand and the audience as well as you niche. The Viralpost might help you to automatically publish your content based on when it is right for your audience to be engaged.  To have more engagements happens to be good news for the algorithm of Instagram, making it to be more likely that your current content will be discovered by those who are visiting your profile for the first time and also the old followers.

Perfect your Instagram content plan using the sprout social

Apart from scheduling a whole picture on the content of your Instagram calendar, sprout will allow you to have more features which will perfect the feed of your brand.  You need to share visuals which are Instagram approved with your team by use of asset library or you can test the grid preview features to ensure that every aspect of your presence is true to the style of your brand.

Initiate conversations and responding to comments

To get more followers on Instagram will depend on the activities which you have on the platform.  In other words, you cannot just post passively and think that you will have traction from the algorithm. You have to engage with other followers as well as non-followers

As per the social index, about 71% of the consumers are believed to follow a brand on social media to be able to engage actively with it. It denotes that, to make a point of responding to any or even all of the comments and questions from the followers is what you should strive to do.

When you do that, it is a positive signal to the algorithm of Instagram as well as a way of proving to the potential followers that you are opening to their conversation. Beyond the account which you have, you need to make a point of initiating conversations by commenting on the posts. It will include other businesses, brands, and influencers who are in your space. To remain active consistently in the section of comments for others is something which is straightforward to creating your own awareness.

You can as well grab the attention of others via tagging strategically. An example is where you see influencers publishing photos where they tag other brands, accounting for visibility.

Craft for more captions which are compelling

Majority of people tend to follow accounts due to the fact that they would want to engage in some way, form or shape. That denotes that, you will have to inject some form of creativity into your captions of the Instagram. An example is where you should consider the below caption formats which results in answers:

  • Posts which are question based
  • Requesting for recommendation
  • Posts for photo sharing
  • Posts for tag a friend
  • Personal stories

From humor to question, to use captions in an effective way might be the right way of encouraging activity on your Instagram posts. You can as well couple the theme of your visuals and captions to capture the attention of your viewers and allow them to start talking.

That amounts to you knowing the diversification of  your captions so that you don’t end up publishing the same posts every now and then. With the use of the Instagram management tool such as sprout, you will be in a position to pre-plan and write out your captions. It denotes that there is less pressure of writing posts in real time while at the same time ensuring that you are not repeating yourself.