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Used mobile phones in Italy – how to find a source of supply?

Used mobile phones in Italy – how to find a source of supply?

Looking for wholesale distributors of used phones in Italy? Do you want to buy products from well-known manufacturers and models that are currently popular? You can look for sources of supply online. This is undoubtedly the fastest and most effective way. On the web you will find many Italian wholesalers, offering a wide selection of devices, from companies such as Samsung, iPhone, Sony and Xiaomi.

Italy – used phones from reliable source

Due to the fact that purchasing new phones from famous manufacturers involves high costs, many buyers are looking for an alternative. This is the used, refurbished phones from a trusted source. How do you find ones? A good idea would be to use a B2B trading platform that connects wholesalers with retailers and takes care of the security of the transactions carried out. An excellent example is Merkandi. At there is a huge selection of used mobile phones for sale in Italy.

Through the platform, you can quickly find a trustworthy supplier from Italy and get in touch with him. In doing so, you don’t have to worry about the communication barrier, as Merkandi is available in multiple languages. By creating an account on the platform, you gain the opportunity to establish direct contacts with wholesalers. Check the current offers and see which used mobile phones in Italy are available at the moment.

Used mobile phones for sale in Italy – long-term cooperation

Are you committed to building long-term business relationships? Electronics International is a proven company that has been in the consumer electronics market for a long time. It is a wholesaler that has not only mobile phones, but also graphics cards, video games, laptops and tablets in its offer. The company is a member of global platforms and works with the largest mobile phone and consumer electronics merchants, as well as retail store chains not only in Italy, but from all over the world.

MOBILE NETWORK SRL, based in Funo Di Argelato, is also very popular. It is a highly trusted distributor. The company bases its business mainly on the wholesale of mobile phones and their dedicated accessories. It has many years of experience in the market and a diverse, constantly updated range of products.

Used mobile phones in Italy – other wholesalers

PC Distribution is primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of computer hardware and is very popular not only in the country, but also outside Italy. Used phones are available in its assortment as well. In addition to the sale itself, the wholesaler is also engaged in consulting services, offering technical support to its customers. PC Distribution is not only a supplier of branded equipment. It is also the founder of its own brand, called Power X. The company has a professional technical laboratory with advanced equipment background.

MULTIBRAND PROJECT DISTRIBUTION is another company worth considering when looking for used mobile phones in Italy. It is headquartered in Napoli, and its business includes the distribution of advanced electronic equipment, especially phones. There are substantial discounts available for bulk purchases. MULTIBRAND PROJECT DISTRIBUTION has a strong reputation among business customers for offering customized solutions and a wide selection of available products.

Trading in Italy by Merkandi

Although there are many companies involved in the distribution and wholesale of used mobile phones in Italy, it can be time-consuming to search for trustworthy companies, review individual offers and establish business relationships with them. On the Merkandi trading platform, all offers from Italian suppliers are available in one place. After selecting the most interesting ones for yourself, it is possible to view the contact details of a particular distributor and get in touch with them directly. This is a way to save a lot of time and energy.

Using the platform, you can select offers and choose the most attractively priced ones. Many products come from liquidation stocks, clearance sales, untested customer returns and more. That’s why their prices are heavily discounted, and it’s a real bargain for retailers.

Used mobile phones in Italy – how to buy them?

If you want to purchase phones from an Italian supplier, you will need an account on Merkandi. This is because only after registration you can get the contact details of wholesalers, and this is necessary to get in touch with them directly. This is a great convenience. Thanks to the platform you can keep track of current offers and take advantage of the most attractive ones. Instead of time-consuming web searches, all the bargains are available on one site.

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