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For how long will my slot account remain open?

For how long will my slot account remain open?

For those who prefer to gamble online, there are plenty of online casinos to choose from, in fact, punters are spoilt for choice when it comes to online casino options with Yggdrasil Gaming slots. So much so, that many gamblers have multiple casino accounts.

There are no rules to how many accounts an individual can have and joining casinos usually only takes a couple of minutes of people’s time.

Reasons For Multiple Casino Accounts

The only rule is that you can have one casino account in your name with one individual gambling brand, otherwise you are free to roam and search for the establishments that fulfil your gambling needs. Not all casinos have all the games individuals want to play, so players find themselves joining new casinos constantly, to find the new games they love to play the most. Some punters gamble strategically, and this involves hunting down the best new player bonus offers on the market. To do this, you must regularly join new casinos that hold the most appeal with their new player offers and this involves opening many accounts at individual slot sites.

Losing Track

The problem with such approaches is that individuals can leave various casino accounts untouched and forgotten because they end up joining so many slot sites. If you have no plans to return to certain gambling brands, then you could shut your accounts down.

However, many players leave their accounts opened but casinos call these dormant accounts and certain gambling companies have rules about dormancy. Usually, email notification or another available form of contact is used to inform an individual that their account has not been logged into for months and that if this continues to be the case, then the casino will have no choice but to delete the account in question. Sometimes just by logging in, customers can save their accounts from being cancelled. However, some slot sites require some sort of deposit and playing activity to commence to save the account from vanishing.  A warning is given before 12 months has been reached with no account activity.

The Purpose of Warnings

Slot sites are obliged by law to give plenty of time to customers to sort out their casino account affairs. If a dormant account is to be deleted, then customers need to be warned in case they have funds in their accounts that need to be withdrawn. Some customers may have no interest in returning to a slot site, if this is the case, then they can withdraw any funds and let the casino do the rest, or customers can request the closure of their accounts or close them themselves.

Final Thoughts

Slot site accounts need to remain active to stay open and this can be done by regularly signing in and depositing and withdrawing cash through slot play. If there is no activity on an account approaching a year, then the account becomes dormant, and warnings are sent out to players. If this remains the case and communications from the casino are ignored, then the casino needs to warn players that their accounts face closure. If this is the case, players can lose any funds that are in the account, and therefore plenty of warnings are given before this happens.

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