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The Evolution of Typography in Web Designs

The Evolution of Typography in Web Designs

Typography in Web Designs

Typography is a visual representation of your text. It enhances the beauty of your writing and makes it look appealing and attractive. It doesn’t change the meaning of your sentence yet gives it a different look that makes it worth engaging. All the people who do typography enhance the text to the level of Art.

For example, you have written a sentence, ‘I am a girl’ no matter how many times you will write it or which features you will apply to it, the meaning of the sentence will remain the same. It will not have any effect on the definition.

However, if you will use typography on this sentence, then it will only change the appearance of your sentence, not the meaning. It will make it look more attractive to people who will read it.

Typography is a kind of photography. In photography, the photographer uses various techniques and gives a touch of Art to the pictures. The same is the case with typographers. They provide a feel of Art to a simple text or a simple sentence.

Evolution of Typography

We all heard that communication is essential, but what matters the most is the body language of a person. If the body language is not proper or suitable, the other person might get offended. You need to be very cautious while communicating with anyone.

The same thing happens to a written context. If your text has an attractive and appealing look, then it will attract the person in the right way. A perfect font or an ideal size gives a different kind of emotion. Right typography makes a huge difference as compared to a simple text or a context.

Have you ever noticed and wondered about the typography that is done on the logos of top leading companies? How can we forget about the Disney logo? Isn’t it attract everyone and especially children, due to a beautiful and attractive font used in the logo?

We can’t even imagine having a different font of Disney logo. It feels like an emotion. Without typography, ‘Disney’ is just a word that attracts children.Do you know about Futura font that is considered to be one of the best font that people often use in various logos or during presentations due to its unique and beautiful appearance.

Now let’s proceed to the logo of leading ‘Coca Cola’ company. It is another example that depicts the importance of typography. Can you imagine the name of Coca-Cola without typography? Of course not.

Top 5 Advantages of Typography

The reasons and benefits that show the importance of typography.

1- It Attracts the Users

It is essential to get the attention of your user or reader. A user should understand the emotion and understandability of your text or presentation. If you do justice with typography, then you can gain the attention of the customer or user in the right way.

A simple context can give an understanding of your message to the user, it can’t attract your reader because of the absence of typography.

2- It Must Be Reader-Friendly

When you write something for users, then it should be reader-friendly. Sometimes bad typography can make your text look more unpleasant and worst. Using the right size of font and style is very important for good typography. If it is not a reader or user-friendly, then it will not appeal to anyone.

3- Informative to Users

The right kind of typography gives a clear vision and information to your user and reader. A reader can get the main points very quickly from your presentation. They can easily conclude what you want to tell and what message you want to convey. If it is not clear, then all your hard work will go into the vein.

4- It Creates Harmony

For example, you are using typography in your presentation. If you use the same style of font in the entire presentation, then it will look more attractive. Your reader will get the points quick.  If you use different methods of fonts in a single presentation, then it will not appeal to the user. That’s why the right typography is essential and vital to represent text properly.

5- It Gives Recognition

It gives recognition to your brand, which is considered a significant advantage of typography. If you will use the right typography in your presentation or brand logo, then people will remember it and will give your company an important acknowledgement and recognition.

Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Typography

Typography is not that simple as you think it is. It requires in-depth knowledge and practices to be an expert in typography. Bad typography gives an awful impression to the user, and it can spoil the meaning of your context. Are you are looking for the tips that make you better in typography, then yes you are in the right place.

I am going to tell you a few steps through which you can improve your typography and can give a better look to your context. The steps include:

1- Match the Mood with Text

Sometimes there are few fonts that become your favorite, and you often use them. No matter what the text is, you can’t always go with the same font every time. There are some messages that you want to convey that require different fonts of different sizes.

Every font conveys mixed emotions, so you need to choose the font that does justice with the message that you want to send.

For this, you need to have detailed knowledge about the fonts so that you can use them wisely. It is said that when the text matches the font, then you can better convey the message, and the reader will better understand it. So, try to match the mood with the text.

2- Develop Understandability for Readers

If you think that choosing the right font for your writing is enough for good typography, then you might be wrong. Yes, it is not enough. To develop a sense of understanding for your reader is one of the primary goals to be an excellent typographer. A user should understand your message quickly without any confusion.

Not everyone can understand the mood or meaning of your font, so always Pick the font that can match the mood of your reader. Everyone has a different way of perceiving a font. Sometimes one group of people can understand it while another group can’t. If you have worked for a maximum audience, then it should be understandable to maximum people.

3- Concentrate on Font Size

Font size also plays an important role when it comes to good typography. Anyone can get frustrated if your text size is very small or huge. Setting an ideal size for your text is very important and is a significant part of excellent typography. You should have a proper understanding of font sizes.

You should know that which font size should apply for heading, a body of text, and points. Every project requires different font sizes. It depends on your knowledge and sense.

4- Text Should Be Organized

It is essential to set a hierarchy of your text. The text should be organized and well balanced. The hierarchy of typography requires when you have a dense text written incorporating the text of newspapers, websites, magazines, etc. When we talk about the basics of hierarchy, then it includes perfect font size, the ideal spacing between words, separation of words with heading and subheading, etc.

5- Pay Special Attention in Spacing

Many people don’t pay attention to spacing. They think that it won’t bother their text that is wrong. It does worry when it comes to good typography. Now spacing is of different types.

Letter spacing. It is also called tracking spacing. As a word describes, it is a type of space that comes between letters that we often neglect. If you avoid this mistake, then your text will look more beautiful.

Line spacing: Line spacing is a type of spacing that occurs between the lines of paragraphs. It doesn’t look right.

6- Pay Attention to Alignments

It is another most neglected issue that becomes a hurdle to good typography. If you miss the alignment in your text without any specific reason, then your text will not appeal to the reader. To avoid this mistake, you should neglect giving irregular spaces in your text while the style of writing should be the same.

7- Limit Your Font

No matter how many favorite fonts you have still, you should not exceed the limit of your font more than 3. Yes, don’t use more than three fonts in a single presentation; otherwise, it will give a messy look. It is a sign of bad typography.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what the right typography can give a better and incredible look to your text and message? You need to be careful when it comes to typography. I have mentioned the importance of typography in detail. How you should improve it and why it is essential to use it.

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