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10 Essential Components for a Budget PC Build

10 Essential Components for a Budget PC Build

Essential Components for a Budget PC Build

If you are new to step in the gaming world, it might be hard for you to estimate which computer setup will be ideal for you.

Unless you are rightly aware of the key components of the PC, the outcome might be terrible. If you are willing to know about the essential parts that are required in a computer to execute all the important tasks including gaming, this article might be in your favor.

Before opting for the key parts, you first need to study the action and function of each component. So, here are some of the most important parts that can give you the best experience!

PC Cabinet

Oh yes, choosing the right PC cabinet is very important because all your important components need to fit inside the same.

In 2020, small size ATX cabinet PCs are more in demand, primarily because they take up less space. Also, the GPUs and graphic cards now have compact sizes, thanks to the technology – especially AMD and Nvidia for spending huge money in R&D.


The motherboard is a circuit board that helps in connecting all the other computer hardware and delivers an electrical link within the key parts.

It is considered to be the heart of the computer that controls all the other parts and passes the information from one to another swiftly. It comes with various connectors like data cables, power cables, GPU card slots, and CPU sockets.

Also, it has several building blocks such as jumpers, transistors, capacitors, which help all the other components function excellently.

The ideal motherboards are advanced for massive productiveness of data. Therefore, if you are willing to get your gaming PC, make sure that your motherboard is not restricted within the parts like graphics card, CPU, or storage device.


Similar to the motherboard, CPU is another notable component for a PC. It generally manages the maximum of the tasks through the instructions from the keyboard, mouse, etc. It has the dutyof handling the backgrounds, loading maps, running games, and processing other events without any interruption.

When you are looking for your own PC build always ensure that the motherboard and the CPU are compatible with each other. A CPU with massive core count and high clocks helps in making your computer work faster and better.

CPU Cooler

As CPU draws extreme power, it produces a great amount of heat. When the system is heated, it creates several hindrances in performance.

Moreover, the chances of the parts of your PC getting damaged become high when the CPU is frenziedly hot. That is why; you need to prioritize the CPU cooler when you are planning out to purchase the essential parts for a budget PC built.

Some certain aspects are to be noted like the CPU cooler has to be well-matched with your CPU and its socket has to be similar to that of the CPU and motherboard CPU socket.

Graphics Card

The most crucial component that your gaming pc requires is the graphics card. It is responsible for calculating and managing all the visual stuff like GUI, Images, User Interface, etc. and displays them suitably into the monitor.

The graphics card straightforwardly manages the processing and providing high-quality pictures of images that are obtained from the CPU.

Various graphics cards are constructed with the in-built characteristics that help in controlling some of the precise graphical attributes like anti-aliasing, image rotation, fine textures.

If you are serious in the case of gaming, getting graphics cards with these qualities will be beneficial as it will not involve the CPU to manage those specific functions.

PSU or Power Supply Unit

Without a PSU, a gaming PC is incomplete. It might not impact the gaming experience directly but affect in a roundabout way as, without sufficient power, you will come across buffering that would plunder the whole gaming experience.

As there are vast of PSU brands available in the market, opting for the ideal one can be hard. However, the best is to study the wattage requirement of your Pc to perform steadily both in the current situation and in the imminent future before deciding to get your PSU unit.

Unless you get the best one, you might issues like blue-screening, slothful performance, shutting down of the screen, etc. Thus, maintaining the capacity of PSU is vital in case of cherishing the perfect gaming experience.


RAM is considered to be the short-term thinking storage that stores active data processed by the CPU. It assists in superfast reading and writing but loses all the information if someone turns off the power. With powerful RAM, the processing tasks become easier for the CPU. The RAM is plugged into the specific slot of the motherboard.

More Cooling Component

As mentioned earlier, excessive heat formation is bad for the system. It is not only the CPU that gets heated, other computer hardware such as the GPU  including the PC case also required to be cooled down; otherwise it will not perform suitably.

GPU already appears with a cooler, so you need not worry about it. But as the PC case is enclosed, the parts inside it get tremendously hot. Therefore, you can choose to attach the fans within the case that will blow out the hotter air drag in the cool air, keeping all the components cool and stabilized.


If you are getting your build PC specifically for gaming, the monitor undoubtedly plays a huge role. It holds some responsibility in managing the games and their visual output.

The screen resolution of your monitor can be one of the key factors that affect the quantity of stipulation needed to be put on the graphics card. In major cases, playing games while maintaining the highest screen resolution might cause overloading to the graphics card.

However, modern monitors allow you to customize the screen resolution. If you are willing to get a good gaming monitor, you can avoid the IPS type panels.

Hard Drive and CD Drive

The hard drive is an important part to notice as it is the place where all the games along with other software are installed.

CPU directly draws the data from the storage and presents them on the monitor. On the other hand, a CD drive is also needed. It might not be used much these days, but some gamers still require installing the CD for any specific gameplay.

All these components are highly important to assemble while building your budget PC. Along with all these you can incorporate joystick, updated operating system, etc for enjo

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