Marketing Automation Tools software will handle all of the repetitive tasks associated with running successful marketing campaigns. After you’ve automated all of your routine tasks, you’ll have more time to devote to the parts of your business that require human discretion and creativity. Not only that, but you’ll still be in control of your campaigns and able to make changes as needed.

You’ve probably come across several tools that claim to be the best at marketing automation. How do you find the best marketing automation software in the midst of all the noise? In this guide, we’ve narrowed your search and present the top 5 marketing automation tools Let’s dive in!

1. Omnisend

Pricing: Includes a free basic email marketing plan. Automation pricing ranges from $16/month to custom Enterprise pricing, depending on automation features and contact count. It’s difficult to find a more complete tool than Omnisend. The omni channel functionality distinguishes this marketing automation platform from the others on this list: you can add multiple channels to the same automation workflow, including email, SMS, push notifications, Facebook Messenger, and more.

This means you can create an immersive omnichannel experience for your customers, sending them the message via the channel they’ve chosen. Omnisend is one of the best marketing automation tools worth considering because of its advanced targeting, split automation, and simple drag-and-drop builder.

2. HubSpot

Pricing: Depending on features and scale, prices range from $50 to $3,200+ per month.
For several reasons, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is fundamentally different from other best marketing automation tools. For starters, they have an unrivalled focus on inbound marketing (including content and search marketing). They also provide CRM, Sales, and Service Hubs, allowing your team to collaborate more effectively—even across departments.

3. ActiveCampaign

Pricing: Depending on the features and number of contacts, prices range from $9 to $400+ per month. ActiveCampaign, as one of the best marketing automation tools, may do the best job of integrating automation into the processes of real people.

The truth is that marketing automation platforms cannot handle everything—some aspects of marketing require a human touch. ActiveCampaign designed their software to support this, including features such as notification emails that empower marketers and salespeople rather than replacing them.

4. Mailchimp

Pricing: Depending on features and contacts, prices range from $17 to $299 per month.
Mailchimp is transitioning from an email marketing tool to a full-fledged marketing automation solution. Mailchimp is one of the original email marketing tools and the best marketing automation tool, and they’ve turned that experience into a rock-solid and capable email automation tool that’s a breeze to use.

5. Drip

Pricing: Based on active subscribers, prices range from $39 to $122+ per month.
Drip’s email marketing automation is designed for eCommerce businesses, which means it integrates with all of your other eCommerce tools. Based on customer behaviour, you can create personalised and relevant content and automate campaigns. Drip also provides more than just email automation, ensuring that all of your messaging is consistent and works together to drive customers to purchase.

Final Say

As we move past the pandemic, 22% of the most effective marketing campaigns will be automated. Businesses are scaling and optimising to capitalise on this advancement. So much so that experts predict the global marketing automation software market will be worth $15,018.5 billion by 2030.

If you’re concerned about how much these solutions will cost, keep in mind that there are free marketing automation services available. Some offer a free, no-obligation trial period, whereas others (such as HubSpot) offer a completely free package with all bells and whistles.
These are three of two best free marketing automation tools as per our opinion.

● HubSpot Marketing

● Omnisend

What about you? Tell us in the comments section below. Automation improves the experience for your employees, who gain a broader reach and greater visibility while doing less work. It also ensures that your customer journey is consistent across all of your digital marketing channels. Do you require assistance with the best marketing automation tool Please contact us right away.