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Top 3 Qualities to Look For in Speaker Cables For Outdoor Entertainment

Top 3 Qualities to Look For in Speaker Cables For Outdoor Entertainment

Top 3 Qualities to Look in Speaker Cables For Outdoor Entertainment

Speaker wires are essential, especially if you are planning outdoor entertainment. They can make or break the entertainment session. Remember that most speakers don’t come with speaker wires, so you will have to get them yourself. There are several challenges and questions involved in choosing cables for your speakers. It is vital to choose reliable cables that will work efficiently throughout the session.

To help you choose the best cables, here are the three main qualities you should look for.

1. Speaker Cable Length

Length is a very important factor to consider when looking for speaker cables. The length of the cable determines how far you can position your speakers. Therefore, it is important to get speaker cables that are long enough to serve the purpose. When it comes to length, there are two guiding principles;

  • Keep the length precise: Ironically, it is best to keep the cable length precise. This is because resistance is proportional to the length, meaning extremely long cables might affect sound projection. When the cables are shorter, resistance is significantly reduced. As a result, the sound output will be higher quality. Nonetheless, you must maintain the separation of all speakers involved to produce the ideal stereo effect.
  • Ensure lengths are equal: For the best results, you should ensure that the cables to both speakers are of the same length. This is helpful because it ensures that both speakers have the same resistance and all the systems are balanced. Besides, this technique improves sound output.

2. Check The UV-Resistance

Good quality speaker cables are UV-resistant. Remember that when cables are exposed to sunlight for a long time, they could sustain significant damage if they are not Uv-resistant. Given that you are having outdoor entertainment, you should get speaker cables that are protected against UV light. Several factors can affect a cable’s resistance, some of them include impedance, thickness, and length.

Infinity Cable Products are designed to survive in any condition thanks to their resistance and thickness. Therefore, it is vital to get speaker cables that will not get damaged due to UV light. Even though you don’t have to comprehend the science behind impedance, you should know that it can affect a cable’s resistance. The lower the impedance, the lower the cable’s resistance. The same also applies to thickness.

3. It Should Be Waterproof

The speaker cables should also be soundproof. If you are running the cables on the floor, they should be waterproof. This is vital because you won’t know what might get in contact with the speaker cables. A waterproof cable means it is protected from direct contact with water, moisture, and dirt. If any of these items got in contact with the speaker wires, they might not work. Such cases often result in short-circuiting, something that might damage the speakers. Therefore, when shopping for cables, you should always ensure that they are waterproof.

Get The Best Speaker Cables

If you are planning outdoor entertainment, it is vital to get the right cables for your speakers. Go for reliable cables that can protect speakers against water, UV light, moisture, and other possible setbacks.

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