Wotlk is an update that was released on September 26th. Most players get the opportunity to go to Northrend. We have a huge number of tips for you to help reduce the time for leveling. We are well aware that you may not have time to level up your character.

If you really want to immerse yourself in the game world of the universe WoW, but do not have the main resource – time, then our team will promptly help you. Wow wotlk level boost is an excellent way out of the current situation.

Let’s face it, leveling up 80 levels is quite a tedious process and few players want to level up a character. However, there is a very easy way to do this without investing a lot of time.

What does Classic Level Ups consist of?

  1. Level 1 through 80;
  2. Starting from day one Wotlk;
  3. Everything is done 100% manually, we do not use bots and various scripts and programs, as we understand that this will lead to the ban;
  4. We streaming live, just before that, make sure that you have the necessary technical equipment;
  5. We use the necessary security measures such as VPN;
  6. A daily summary of your progress..

We warn that the duration of this service may be affected by several factors, one of which is an adequate Internet connection and the stability of all servers. Also pay close attention that additional options may increase the duration of the level up.

WoW wotlk. Classic Level Up Information

It was predictable enough that most classic servers would not bypass everyone’s favorite Wrath. Also our increase will depend very much on the details release. The only thing we will need to clarify with you is if you want to get boosted during certain hours. It should also be said that our service boosting in WoW is always up-to-date, this is proved by the huge number of players who leave positive feedback and regularly order this service from us. If after release Wrath If there are any noticeable changes, we will adjust this service accordingly.

Why you should order this service from us

As mentioned above, our service has a huge number of players who can provide you with a pumped character very quickly and promptly, at the right time. This service will require:

  • – Have the necessary subscription;
  • – Any level of character;

It is also worth noting that our boosters have been playing since 2008, so they will definitely be able to provide a quality service. We also have a manager with whom you can contact at any time and get the necessary service. But do not forget that security is important to us, so we use VPN. Order this service and conquer the expanses World of  Warcraft.