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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Project Management

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Project Management

Artificial Intelligence has been growing and popularizing even more in the last months, especially with OpenAI technology in ChatGTP. However, artificial intelligence is constantly present in our lives, especially in company’s softwares

In the past, the number of companies, brands and businesses were smaller than today, making them, sometimes, the only option for clients and customers. However, technology has been growing more and more, which enables more companies and brands to grow and develop in the market.

This development starts especially with social media, where you can publish your brand, create client support and even manage payments. With that, customers can have more options of products to buy and brands to choose. This scenario challenges brands and companies to find different identities and projects to attract new clients and keep the regular ones.

From that, new campaigns and projects are created and managed more and more on a daily basis, making companies find project management solutions. Some of the companies choose to invest in constant meetings to keep the team updated, while others prefer to use software to accompany the project. But you can do both due to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has been growing more and more, especially with ChatGPT. However, AI was already present in the softwares, technology and in people’s lives, without them even noticing sometimes. Check out some of the benefits and roles of Artificial Intelligence in project management and how to use them in your business.

Tasks’ Schedulings

One of the people’s biggest fears when talking about Artificial Intelligence is being replaced by a machine at work. Besides some jobs being automated, AI’s goal is to help optimize the work that was made by a several numbers of people, with more accuracy.

One example is the tasks’ schedules. In the past, several people were needed to make a service, to check the service, to do it again. With scheduling, the employers can focus on other tasks that are needed by a human eye. Besides the Artificial Intelligence being super smart, some things, such as analysis, are needed to be supervised by people, once they can see things and understand circumstances AI can not see it.

Resources’ Allocation

With the isolation during the pandemic of Covid-19, several companies had to work from home. In the beginning, several meetings were made, until they were accustomed to. However, with time passing, memes were made of meetings that could be an email.

Besides the importance of communication, meetings can be exhausting and can take a long time to communicate something you could deliver the information in different ways. Artificial Intelligence can help with that.

Sometimes in a project, you, as manager, must see what resources go to what and how to make the best use of it. In these cases, it is important to see the big picture, which can be hard depending on what resource you use. AI can help with that, once you can see the team and which skills each one has.

You can also see which department will need a larger budget and check how much you can distribute to whom, without prejudice to the departments. Making an analysis and setting up the settings, you can make this allocation automatically.


Also you can optimize the processes, once the softwares gives the option of chat, meetings, boards and you can see the whole process. All of this is intuitive, thanks to the artificial intelligence and can be used easily, making people in the project save time on other tasks and obligations.

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