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The Best Apps for Finding a Parked Vehicle
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The Best Apps for Finding a Parked Vehicle

One of the worst situations you can experience is when you forget where you parked your vehicle after you went to buy groceries or clothes, went to watch a sports game, went to a coffee shop with friends or to the casino which you could have also visited online by finding it by the link from the same coffee shop. After a hard day or after doing a lot of work in a short time, it can happen that you just start to wonder where you parked the car and that you cannot determine its exact location. This is especially true for parking in large garages or large parking lots where our vehicle is only one among so many. Furthermore, you can start panicking and start thinking about one (or both) of the two most common thoughts at those moments: that your car was stolen or that it was towed away.

We can freely say that today the time of searching for vehicles in parking lots, garages, or city streets is a thing of the past because there are great applications that can be that much-needed help in determining their location. Here are the top five apps for locating your parked vehicle.

Parked Car Locator

You do not need to seek much beyond the Parked Car Locator if you want to use a trustworthy application with a guaranteed outcome. There is a reason why this app has so many excellent feedbacks on the Google Play Store.

Parked Car Locator is a very simple application to handle and you can use the interface to save the location of your vehicle in an extremely easy way. Once you have saved your vehicle location, the app will give you instructions on how to get there with your Google Maps integration, which is also the most reliable option as there is probably a no better alternative than this Google service.


Parkify is a really useful tool, albeit it is not the same as Parked Car Locator.

Parkify operates on the principle that you do not have to physically enter your vehicle’s location at all, and it’s also linked to Google Maps. An extra feature that distinguishes it from a Parked Car Locator is the capability to synchronize the program with your vehicle’s Bluetooth device, allowing you to determine the location without having to intervene on the map.

Another way of locating a vehicle is the usual one, and that is setting its location. In the setup, you even have the option of choosing a vehicle name or color-coding. The interface of the application is very simple, the menus are fluid and clear, and Parkify is another great option when it comes to locating vehicles.

Google Maps

The Google Maps app is certainly no surprise in this category, but probably many users do not know it has some hidden features. One of them is the ability to locate your vehicle on a map. All you have to do is save the location and that way you will know where your vehicle is when you return.

However, there is a small criticism of the account of the Google Maps application, which is that the choice of the function of saving the location of the vehicle is in some way hidden. To save the location of your vehicle, you will need to click on the blue dot on the Google Maps app that shows your location. When you do this, a new menu will appear with the option to save the location as your vehicle’s parking space. It seems that the function of saving the location of the vehicle should have been implemented in a more practical way because the application itself does not have some form of notification to direct the user to this possibility.

Despite this small flaw, the Google Maps app will take you exactly to the location of your vehicle and you just need to follow its very detailed instructions to which we are already accustomed anyway.

Find Your Car with AR

Find Your Car with AR is an interesting application for iPhone and is very easy to use. It is special because it inserts some AR elements into the vehicle search process that can make the whole process more fun.

Once you download the app, you need to save the location of your vehicle and you will easily find it later using a very handy interface. An additional feature of this app is that it notifies you when you are near a vehicle. This is a small detail, but extremely useful because the other applications we have listed will not inform you in this way and they need to follow direct instructions to get to the vehicle.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a great navigation tool full of very useful features, so it is not surprising that it includes the ability to save the location of the vehicle. We may notice similarities with the Google Maps app because the vehicle location feature is not directly available from the home menu so the user has to find it.

A special benefit when using Apple Maps to locate a vehicle is the option to save its photo along with the location. This can be especially useful when your vehicle is in large parking lots or large garages, so you may find it easier to locate it through a saved photo.

Saving the location and instructions when searching for a vehicle together is very clear and accurate, and you will not have any difficulty using Apple Maps.


All the apps we have listed are great tools in a situation where you want to save the location of your vehicle and find it later via instructions. Make your choice according to whether you are using an Android or iOS device and based on your preferences when it comes to simple applications that directly perform their function or applications that in addition to the basic functions have some interesting additions.

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