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How to Track Your Friends Using Google Maps?

How to Track Your Friends Using Google Maps?

It appears to be difficult to envision now, yet in the relatively recent past, you couldn’t just connect with somebody whenever you needed to. When your kid, mate or companion was far out, you had no chance to get of knowing whether anything wasn’t right until long sometime later.

The cell phone made that a relic of days gone by, yet cell phones have taken the capacity to monitor the individuals you care about going to the following level.

Regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS gadget, you can now for all timeshare your area with someone else and have them do likewise for you. There are even sites like with which one can easily monitor activities of their kid, friend or any family members.

This means you can check where they are whenever utilizing the Chad Kimball google maps or by visiting the site. In particular, you’ll generally have the option to see their last referred to an area just as how much battery life is left on their telephone.

iPhone clients can utilize applications like Find Phone or Find Friends, which are a superior (alternative) than Google Maps; however, it’s as yet worth knowing. For Android clients, this is an extraordinary alternative.

Sharing a Location Through Google Maps.

Before anybody can share their area, the two individuals need to have a Google account and be in each other’s contact list. This will happen naturally if both of you have ever sent each other an email or Hangouts message.

Since your cell phone is something that can be followed, you can just do this from your telephone. On the off chance that you go to this element on the site, you can just view the areas that have been imparted to you. Regardless of whether you’re on iOS or Android, the procedure is indistinguishable.

  • Open the Google Maps App on your mobile phone. Note that you must be marked in for area sharing to work.
  • Presently tap the menu burger symbol at the extreme left
  • When you have picked the perfect individual and affirm, they’ll see your constant area in their Google Maps application. Presently you’ll never need to stress over where your friends and family are again!
  • Note that with the goal for this to all work, you’ll have to change two or three settings on your telephone. On your iPhone, you’ll have to give the Google Maps application area get to Always and you’ll have to turn on Background App Refresh.
  • When you do that, at that point the other individual will have the option to see your area constantly until the sharing is killed. On the off chance that the other individual has not imparted their area to you, that will be shown on the screen. You can tap the Request catch to have them share their area.

Note that loathsome individuals who may get their hands on your telephone can turn this on without your assent. You can generally tell when your area is being shared on the off chance that you see the area bolt in the upper segment of your telephone on the home screen.

To check and see which application is utilizing your area, go to Settings — Privacy — Location Services and look down until you see the application that has a filled-in purple area symbol.

This implies the application has as of late utilized in your area. You would then be able to go in and check to ensure area sharing is off whenever wanted. You’ll additionally have the option to see who it is you were imparting your area to and ideally get them. Appreciate!


Now you know how to share real-time location using Google Maps; you will need to invite your friends to follow this pattern and share their place with you. Google Maps is excellent for helping you find your way. Maps have a quickly overlooked feature for sharing your real-time locations with someone, so they can see exactly where you are, also if you’re moving, and then travel to your location. You can use the same feature to permit a trusted person to keep checks on your travel process to a particular place and know exactly when you will arrive. This will be helpful for you.

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