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Staying Updated with Today’s Crypto Developments: Your Daily Dose

Staying Updated with Today’s Crypto Developments: Your Daily Dose

One of the hardest parts of modern life is needing to constantly update your knowledge on things and keep up with the news or you risk being left in the dust and misinformed. Considering that our lives are already full of stress and take a lot of energy as is, this is no easy feat. Sometimes it would be nice to just have a shortened version of everything that went on that day, instead of having to rummage through the news yourself. That’s exactly why this text is and we’ve made it to hopefully help you in this regard. While you’ll likely find out all of these things if you simply search “crypto news today”, we hope that this shortened format makes things more practical.

Green Blockchains

One of the biggest things that are being worked on currently is the development of green blockchains. While cryptocurrencies are generally pretty well accepted nowadays, there are many people who don’t like them due to their environmental impact and it’s hard to deny that it is an issue. This is why green blockchains have so much potential as they could possibly bring in all of these people who still aren’t part of the community because of the negative impacts that cryptocurrencies have on the planet. If this issue was remedied then it would open a lot of doors, and could potentially even make it so that legislators are less harsh on regulating crypto in general.

Bittrex Bankruptcy

There has been a lot of SEC scrutiny recently which has affected many different exchanges, and it seems that Bittrex is no exception. They have officially filed for bankruptcy and this has left many people wondering if other exchanges are going to go down the same path, and if so, which one is up next on the chopping block. It’s quite hard to predict these things as we don’t really have a lot of this info before something big really happens, but there has been a lot of speculation going around and some even fear that Binance might be next. Regardless, it’s important that we follow these cases as they develop since they may have a great impact on the crypto landscape in general.

Illegal Tokens on Exchanges

Recently there has been controversy regarding some U.S. exchanges listing tokens that are deemed illegal by the SEC. This could have grave consequences not only for said exchanges, but it may also lead to more rigorous laws being made which could have a landslide effect on the entire industry. Usually, harsh legislation is born from situations such as these, but we hope that this won’t be the case. Hopefully, this is the last case of something like this going on so that we don’t have to worry about lawmakers looming over our heads too much. So far not too much has come from it but we should be mindful of the situation.

Biden Critiques Wealthy Crypto Investors

Biden has recently tweeted a bit of critique aimed at some of the more wealthy crypto investors. It’s not that surprising given that he has already critiqued other similarly wealthy people before, but up until now, crypto investors have managed to avoid the crossfire. Could this lead to harsher regulations for cryptocurrencies and perhaps more taxes? Perhaps, but for now, that seems quite unlikely, as it was probably just a tweet aimed for publicity, rather than an actual call for action regarding the topic. We should still keep an eye out for any further news.

Mastercard and PayPal Facilitating Crypto

Mastercard and PayPal have introduced new features and methods which are meant to smooth out the experience of using crypto and in general to facilitate it more. Now that on-ramps have been smoothed out this is quite a big deal for crypto investors. We are incredibly excited to see what else they have in store for crypto investors and we can’t wait to see new features and adaptations they will make, as it seems that this is just the beginning. Even if this is the only thing we get for some time, it’s still a very welcome change and we’re certain that it will have a positive impact on many.


Getting all the news in a day on your own can be quite tough so we hope that our little shortened version of today’s news has helped you to do so more easily and also speed up the process by at least a bit.

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