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Real Estate Marketing Tools You Need to Try To Sell Your Property Quickly

Real Estate Marketing Tools You Need to Try To Sell Your Property Quickly

Nowadays, people do not drive around neighbourhoods looking for houses on sale. Instead, they browse the internet for properties in their area before arranging a viewing and making an offer. With 89% of homeowners using online tools for property searches, you need to leverage the tools to sell your house fast. Creating the right impression is also vital when selling online, especially if you want to appeal to young buyers. They expect high-quality media and are setting the bar high for property listings. Since houses are visual products, they should have quality photos and videos online to attract prospective buyers. Below are some of the real estate marketing tools that will speed up the sales process.

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Combining all of these marketing tools might help you increase your chances of a quicker, and more competitive sale, therefore achieving you a higher overall value for your home”, according to The Property Buying Company.

Property Portals

Most home buyers troll the internet looking for properties. Therefore, you need to advertise your house on social media pages and your estate agent’s listing sites. While ads in the newspapers still work, the turnaround is often low and takes ages. If you want your house to be off the market within a short time, list it in property portals. Chances are buyers will be looking at those portals in the search for their dream home. Some of the major portals to market your property are Rightmove and Zoopla. These sites attract millions of viewers, and you can find a serious buyer without too much hassle.

Professional Photos

Nowadays, you cannot take a few snapshots using your mobile phone to attach to a real estate listing. Poor quality photos give a negative impression. It would be wise to invest in professional photography to provide the viewer with clear images. Besides, people use devices that allow viewing high-resolution photos. With numerous photo-editing tools available online, you can magnify images or edit them to look attractive.


One of the critical considerations when buying a house is location. Many buyers want to know what is around the house. What social amenities are available? Do they have to travel further for shopping, schools, and other services? Therefore, maps would come in handy. You can easily create maps online for attaching to your property listing. An estate agent can also help you get a map that could boost your sale. Remember, a strategic location not only sells your house fast but also increase the value.

Floor Plans

A major selling point of a home is the connection of the rooms. That is why you need floor plans readily available online. If you make them interactive, they will attract a broad viewership and prospective buyers. Nowadays, you can create 3-D floor plans, which give a digital tour to the buyers and highlight the home’s best features. When you have more eyes on the floor plans, your house will sell quickly.

3-D Virtual Tour

With the advancement in technology, it is possible to give your viewers a virtual walk through of your home. Technology similar to that used in video games provides an immersive virtual tour. The potential buyers can walk through the house by looking at a screen and wearing 3-D glasses. Including immersive tours in your social media adverts builds interest in your home, and buyers can make an offer without arranging onsite viewing.

Video marketing

While a virtual tour creates a buzz around a property, the house is often empty and will only attract few buyers. Video marketing does more than showcase an empty house; it builds an emotional connection through music and narration. You also re-enact scenes of people enjoying the space. That way, you will be highlighting the best features of the house without being too obvious. Video is becoming a massive tool in property marketing, and if you combine it with social media, you will get many offers within a short period.

Social Media and Mobile Apps

Social medial is still a powerful marketing tool, even in real estate. Consider sharing your listings on Facebook or Instagram. Your friends can share the posts increasing the viewership and chances of finding a buyer. Younger buyers also prefer mobile apps for checking out the images and virtual tools. While property-listing portals have apps, it is your responsibility to ensure the photos and videos are impressive in small devices.

With many online tools at your disposal, you should leverage them to complete your sale faster and get better offers. However, it would be best if you chose the right tools to employ for the best outcomes.

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