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Popular 70s Retro Sunglasses for a Vintage Look

Popular 70s Retro Sunglasses for a Vintage Look

Fashionistas know how important it is to match their style with the ideal sunglasses. The colorful and statement sunglasses from the 1970s are having a huge resurgence right now. Making a statement and standing out from the crowd is easy when you include several designs of sunglasses in your outfit.

However, sunglasses have significant health advantages in addition to being stylish. They improve your ability to see in bright light and protect your eyes from damaging UV radiation. They may even lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Being big, bold, and tinted were key components of the must-have sunglasses of the hippie 1970s. Large square frames and aviators were fashionable then; they often had colorful frames and black lenses. These were quite different from the subtle, transparent designs of earlier decades. Instead, they had hefty frames and glass lenses that were both very stylish and useful.

With its cutting-edge forms, patterns, and colored lenses, the Disco period completely transformed eyewear and added a new level of flare.

In the following blog, we’ll look at various 1970s sunglasses, such as aviators, models with tinted lenses, all-black looks, and thick-framed glasses. We’ll also discuss double-bridged and striking tortoiseshell sunglasses, emphasizing their special qualities and why you should own them.

Aviator-style sunglasses

When one imagines sunglasses in the Aviator design, one may recall Gloria Steinem, a well-known feminist who looked fierce in this eyewear throughout the 1970s.

In the 1930s, Bausch and Lomb first developed Aviator sunglasses for Ray-Ban to protect World War II pilots’ eyes while assisting them in navigating the sky.

Tinted aviator sunglasses and military-inspired clothing gained popularity in the 1970s, elevating every outfit with flair. The carefree style of aviator sunglasses immediately elevates your level of coolness.

The ability to watch the newest international fashion trends on television made aviator sunglasses even more popular.

Aviator sunglasses are available in various materials and hues, including tortoiseshell, metal, acetate, gold, black, and crystal clear frames, whether you’re channeling your inner pilot or taking style cues from Hollywood’s elite.

The teardrop-shaped lenses and vintage metal frames of aviator sunglasses set them apart and contribute to their classic charm. They’re a timeless option for every event since they look nice on almost everyone.

Aviator sunglasses are ideal for adding a crowning touch to your Halloween costume or for daily use. Among the wide selection of styles available, you’re sure to discover a pair that is ideal for you.

Colored lenses sunglasses

Sunglasses with tinted lenses gained popularity in the 1970s and continue to do so now, particularly in square frames. They make the ideal accessory for any time of year, especially in summer. They’ve evolved into a timeless item that appeals to all age groups.

Celebrities wearing tinted lenses sunglasses range from youthful trendsetters like Billie Eilish to seasoned performers like Johnny Depp and bands like Bono.

Although dark green lenses used to be the standard, a rainbow of other hues, including pink, vivid orange, and purple, have now replaced them. Some people even choose colorful disco lenses.

Due to their capacity to draw attention to facial features and provide polarized protection, tinted sunglasses became popular among winter sports enthusiasts. They competed with the well-liked Ray-Ban sunglasses of 1974, which changed color based on light.

Graduated lenses were another well-liked option, whose color intensity progressively lightens as they descend the frame and become darker at the top.

Stars like David Bowie and John Lennon contributed to the popularity of golden and amber colors, which gave the eyewear industry a distinctly hippie feel.

Oversized frames in vibrant colors are ideal for anyone who wants to evoke the cool sensations of the 1970s.

All-black sunglasses

There was a major shift in politics and society throughout the 1970s. As the Vietnam War concluded and the nation began to heal from the Watergate crisis, individuals started looking for new ways to show their style.

The period witnessed a move away from the flat, traditional all-black eyeglasses rims and toward more colorful and statement pieces. Hippie black sunglasses became popular; they had geometric designs and sometimes had silver or warmer harvest gold rims.

Vintage sunglasses were fashionable thanks to Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy, renowned for her classic elegance, often wore huge retro black sunglasses. With their square, rectangular, or circular frames, these all-black sunglasses radiated flair, simplicity, and timeless appeal.

Their traditional “men in black” appearance—often associated with secret service agents—added to their appeal. A few even claimed to have concealed spy cameras to add a little mystery. These sunglasses might easily upgrade any ensemble, giving it a timeless, chic, and carefree appeal.

Thick-frame sunglasses

In outdoor activities where durability is essential, thick-framed sunglasses are a great choice because of their stronger construction than their thinner counterparts.

Thick, black-framed vintage sunglasses were not very fashionable in the 1960s. But by the 1970s, their designs had evolved into chic geometric patterns, setting new standards for eyewear fashion.

Due to their glass lenses, antique sunglasses were sometimes heavy and unpleasant in the past. With the advancement of technology, plastic materials took the role of glass in the frames, providing a more lightweight and safe substitute. Even with their enormous design, the sunglasses are now much lighter and more pleasant to wear, thanks to the switch to plastic lenses.

Because plastic is durable and lightweight, manufacturers still choose it today. Because of its hypoallergenic nature and extended lifetime, vintage sunglasses maintain good shape even after many years of use.

Bold, tortoiseshell sunglasses

Tortoiseshell sunglasses with quirky designs are a must-have for those who long for a distinctive retro look. They are bold and classic. They’re ideal for creating a fashion statement and sticking out from the crowd because of their high-contrast designs.

Bold double-bridged tortoiseshell sunglasses look good with neutral dresses, and rich amber brown frames go well with a simple t-shirt and jeans look.

These retro sunglasses complement any ensemble and provide outstanding protection from the sun thanks to their sturdy construction.

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