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Personalise Cards Online: Creative Cards [2024]
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Personalise Cards Online: Creative Cards [2024]

Personalise Cards – You’ve found the best card shop for your card-making needs, and now you’re wondering about the best way to make your personalised cards that both look professional and are meaningful to send to the ones you love.

Card personalisation websites like often have a large number of personalization tools when it comes to making personalised cards of your own, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the options. Using the information in this article, those who wish to create the perfect personalised card can do so even if they may not know where to start.

Start with a Template 

Start with a Template

Sometimes it’s best to go with a template provided by the website. Many sites, like Boomf, Shutterfly, and Vistaprint’s, have a variety of templates for many occasions, such as:

  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Baby Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings

These templates also suggest colours and fonts that complement each other aesthetically and fit the occasion that the card is for. By choosing a template, you are offered the security of knowing an expert designer has given approval to the design of your personalised cards. All that remains is the process of making it your own by personalising it.

Add Personal Pictures

Personalise Cards – Most sites will allow you to add a photo from your personal device onto the card. Adding a picture can remind the receiver of precious moments and create a sentiment toward the personalised card you are sending. For a baby shower, an ultrasound photo or a picture of the expectant mother and her baby bump could be added.

For a wedding, add the happy couple’s engagement photos. Whatever the reason, adding a picture is always a great idea! Plus, adding a meaningful and personal picture increases the chance they’ll save the card as a keepsake.

Choose a Message

Templates will usually have some text boxes that need to be filled in to finish your personalised card. Your occasion depends on the information that you will add to these boxes. If you are inviting people to an event, be sure to get all the details they’ll need, such as the location, time, and date.

For announcements, such as a birth or graduation, add as many details as possible, such as the grad’s major or the baby’s length and weight. If you are congratulating someone on an accomplishment, you can write your own personal message, even borrow from a site that offers inspirational quotes that can be added to your personalised cards.

Choose a Message

Add some flair!

Some sites offer gimmicks and gags for you to add to your personalised cards. This can be as simple as adding some gold foil, or more complex like adding a confetti explosion or edible pictures. Think about the occasion you are sending the card for. For some events, like weddings or anniversaries, you may want to add a stamped-on elegant metallic border.

Other events, like birthdays, can benefit from more exciting flairs such as marshmallows with pictures printed onto them or an explosion of glitter. There are many choices out there, but the best way to choose which one to use is to think about the person who is going to receive the personalised cards. Which would they like the best?


Personalise Cards – Not only do personalised cards show off your creativity, but it also shows those you send it to how much you care for them by the effort you put into the card. A professional, nice looking card can show this effort and dedication to them.

Making your card personal with a message and pictures helps build a connection with the recipient. Choosing a stylish template and adding a flair can spice up your personalised cards to make them more exciting as well. We hope this helps you make the best personalised cards for your needs!

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