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OSRS Barrows Boss Guide

OSRS Barrows Boss Guide

Osrs Barrows Boss Guide

How to defeat the Barrows Brothers

Do you dare brave the catacombs of the Barrows Brothers? Treasure awaits those stalwart warriors who can survive the dangers. Otherwise, death greets those unlucky warriors who can’t. To increase your chances of surviving this minigame, here are some essential tips and tricks. Grab those treasures and fill your wallet with OSRS gold!

The Brothers

There are six brothers buried in the Barrows:

  • Ahrim the Blighted
  • Dharok the Wretched
  • Guthan the Infested
  • Karil the Tainted
  • Torag the Corrupted
  • Verac the Defiled

Each of them uses a single combat style. That makes them weak to certain combat styles. Dharok, Guthan, Torag, and Verac use Melee, making them vulnerable to Magic. Ahrim is a mage, so he’s vulnerable to both Ranged and Melee. Lastly, Karil is a Ranger, making him vulnerable to Melee and Magic.

Now, whenever you’re exploring underground in the Barrows, there’s a Prayer draining effect every 18 seconds. One point adds to the draining effect for every brother you defeat. Starting from 8, it goes up to 14. Because of this Prayer drain, you must plan out the order you’re going to fight the brothers in.

Dharok, Karil, Verac, and Ahrim have high accuracy and hits for max damage most of the time. Of the four, Dharok is the most difficult to fight without Prayer and is usually the first pick. Verac, in contrast, can be fought later, since his attacks break through Protection Prayers about a fourth of the time. However, using offensive Prayers during his fight can help. It’s wholly up to you.

High Defense players may tank Verac, Guthan, and Torag. That saves them Prayer Restore Potions for other fights. The Melee users can all be safe spotted through various means as well.

Treasure Potential

Another mechanic of the minigame is ‘Treasure Potential’. The higher your potential, the better the rewards you get from the chest. Defeating the critters roaming around the tunnels will give you potential equal to the combat level of the enemy. If you have the supplies to stay longer, do so, and you might get more OSRS gold selling off the extra rewards.

There’s a limit to it though, so you can’t stay in the caves clearing everything from the map. You can only get up to 1,000 potential points from defeating those mobs in the tunnels. The brothers also give 2 points each upon defeat. The points they give don’t count toward the limit. That makes the actual highest Treasure Potential you can get 1,012 points.

Defeating the brothers also increases the chances of getting their equipment as a reward—that’s even more treasures to sell or use for yourself!

Of course, many players like optimizing rewards. They’ve found out that the best Treasure Potential to aim for is about 880 points. This amount (about 86%) won’t give you the bolt racks, half keys, and Dragon Med Helms that could lower the average value of the rewards.

It gives you the most amount of valuable Runes, as well. Combine that with the Morytania Hard Diaries’ 50% increase of awarded runes in Barrows chests, and that’s quite a bit of currency in item form. With good efficiency and time management, you can get upwards of 700k OSRS gold/hr from the minigame.

Recommended Levels and Equipment

  • Attack 70
  • Strength 70
  • Defense 60
  • Ranged 61
  • Magic 75
  • Prayer 43
  • Agility 50
  • Construction 81

Construction will let you build various structures in your house for convenience. A Portal Chamber, the Rejuvenation Pool, and the Basic Jewelry Box can help you in repeating the minigame. The other levels are to unlock the use of certain equipment.

You can actually complete the dungeon with only about level 50 for some of these skills. However, to get the best efficiency and gains, you need to optimize.

For equipment, the best would undoubtedly be top-tier gear like the Serpentine Helm, Void set, God Capes, and similar items. You want to be a bit tanky in case Prayers fail you. Weapons such as the Abyssal Whip, Toxic Blowpipe, and the Tridents of the Seas or Swamp are the best ones to bring. Ava’s devices will also help you if you’re going to use any Ranged weapon.

A cheap alternative to the above is salamanders. They’re quite cheap, and you can use them to go through the whole minigame. It’s a little more difficult than bringing along the high-efficiency equipment. On the upside, your spending would also be lower than using OSRS gold buying ammo.

Of course, you should bring some consumables such as Prayer Restore Potions, health-restoring food or potions, and combat enhancing potions. For sustainability, you can grab bones and use Bones to Peaches tablets to get some HP.

Good luck with your Barrows runs! Be warned that this is not a safe minigame, and items will be lost upon death. Make sure you have everything prepared beforehand. You might be slow at first, but as you repeat the minigame, you’ll become faster and faster in completing it.

The Barrows is overflowing with opportunities of getting Barrows Equipment and valuable Runes. Farming it, you won’t need to buy OSRS gold but sell OSRS gold instead.

Last of all, continue enjoying OSRS!

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