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Get Location Data for Your Website with Open Source API

Get Location Data for Your Website with Open Source API

Do you have a website or are thinking about creating one?  If your answer is yes, then you need to read this article. It carries some unavoidable information  to have a successful website. Do not miss it! Open source API is a great source to get data related to the location of a visitor of your website. And for the management of a website to know who visits the website is always heartening news because the information delivers them with peerless help.

IP Geolocation in a Nutshell

IP data API is not only easy to integrate but comes along with an entire suite of REST-Clients and pre-built integrations.

The IP geolocation API gives detailed information about IP location of your visitors. Data includes information about country, city, latitude and longitude, timezone, asn, currency and some security data. API supports IPv4 and IPv6 IP address formats. Also, IP Geolocation API does not dig out the actual internet protocol address ( which means there are not any privacy concerns) of a visitor and provides appreciable particulars. Moreover, to  be up to date,  the information related to countries, states, currencies and phone numbers is updated monthly which permits  the users to get more accurate results. Another great news is that this tool belongs to the team at apilayer which put  matchless skills on display to develop apps such as pdflayer, currencylayer and many more. Therefore, the professionalism applied to create IP Geolocation API cannot be objected to.

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Sources of IP Geolocation Data

When it comes to the data that companies that offer an IP geolocation API provide, it may rely on different sources:

  • Browser geolocation: when users accept to share their location while using a web browser, this information is being collected
  • Regional Internet Registries: these nonprofit organizations administrate and supply major portions of IP addresses to ISPs. They’re also in charge of managing the corresponding records.
  • City code interpretations: these are the naming standards that are given to cities and airports that can be used as default locations of the devices closest to them.

Knowing which language a visitor speaks, what is the currency code  and other details  enables a website  management to make changes that  facilitate and gladden the visitor. It indeed will contribute much to the success of a website. Similarly, imagine you visit a shopping website and  everything is written in the language spoken in your country,  prices of the products are in the currency that you use and the tap to call button automatically comes up with your country code. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience? It indeed would be a  great experience.  Moreover, the API allows the world to be more digitized, for everyone does not know English.  Thus, the impact  it has (for both visitors and management) is unquestionable.

IP Geolocation API creates the opportunity (free of cost) to have information about the visitors. This tool is difficult to use, and easily accessible. So do not waste time, grab it and have a successful website. The above-mentioned details about IP Geolocation API makes it an effective tool. And being a free tool which provides users with information that adds significantly to the future of a website, it is worth a try.

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