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Online Cybersecurity Training for Employees [2024]

Online Cybersecurity Training for Employees [2024]


The importance of online cybersecurity training for employees cannot be underestimated. It must also go above and beyond the monthly or quarterly email safety guidelines that many corporations and commercial organizations think are enough.

Whether the information in your organization is highly sensitive or just commercial, security is critical. There’s a good chance your building already has some kind of secure physical access control system (such as video intercoms, card readers, or PIN pads), so why wouldn’t you also invest in bolstering your digital security?

In this post, we’ll go over the importance of cybersecurity for employees and how to do it online.

Below we cover:

  • Why cybersecurity training is important
  • How to conduct online cybersecurity training for employees
  • Cybersecurity best practices for employees

Why cybersecurity training is important

Cybersecurity training is important because it teaches people how to safeguard information from prying eyes. Furthermore, cyber awareness is perhaps one of the most critical soft skills anyone could have if they routinely work with computers.

Not only will cybersecurity training instill safeguards around sensitive information, but it could also save money. For instance, the cost of data breaches around the world has topped three million dollars and continues to climb.

It’s not enough for your cybersecurity efforts to be a separate entity in a world that is quickly becoming more and more digital. Every employee in your office (remote or not) must have an understanding of cyber threats and how to avoid them.

That’s where online cybersecurity training for employees comes in.

4 ways to conduct online cybersecurity training for employees

There are four ways to train employees on cyber awareness and security, most of which are low-cost yet highly effective.

4 effective ways to conduct cybersecurity training:

1. Create a cohesive guideline

The best way to avoid the risk of cybercrime is to engage in preventative measures such as education. If employees know the preventions and which risks to look for, they’ll have an easier time managing their own cyber awareness.

One perfect way to accomplish this is to make sure you have cohesive guidelines in a company file and sent to each employee.

A good guideline will contain information about:

  • What a potential cyber threat looks like
  • How to contain a potential cyber risk
  • Step-by-step directions about what to do in the case of an actual attack
  • Contact information and directions on who to contact

2. Invest in companywide courses

As mentioned above, education is the best way forward when it comes to online cybersecurity training for employees. And education is quite easy to extend to employees nowadays with platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and more.

With these platforms, you can pay for cybersecurity courses and ask each employee to set aside time to take them. This would work even better if you make this step part of the onboarding process at your business.

3. Bring in a subject matter expert

If cybersecurity training isn’t your company’s strong suit, then bringing in subject matter experts to give talks could prove beneficial. Setting aside time for a group meeting will ensure that everyone hears the same information at the same time.

Additionally, with a group, there is an added benefit of questions and answers that employees won’t find in online courses.

If funding isn’t an issue, consider asking a cyber risk expert to audit your team’s cybersecurity methods and give a score. You can create a further training plan based on their feedback.

4. Make access to resources easy

One mistake some businesses make is asking their employees to take on cyber risk training responsibility without help. If you’re really dedicated to cybersecurity awareness, then your company should make it easy for employees to access resources and support.

Some resources to provide include:

  • Cybersecurity literature
  • Risk management software
  • Refreshers on phishing identification
  • White papers about passwords and better practices

Final thoughts

When it comes to online cybersecurity training for employees, efforts start from the top and trickle down. If you expect your employees to engage in cyber awareness efforts, then you have to make it a reality by setting aside time for them to accomplish training.

With the right guideline, cybersecurity courses, knowledge, and resources, you can make it harder for cyber threats to infiltrate your business.

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