Top 5 Mobile App Predictions

It’s almost a cliché at this point to say “there’s an Mobile App for that.” Whether you need to know the name of a song, how to get to a friend’s house, or even just play a game, the answer is in your pocket.

These have developed a lot over the years too. We’re far past the time that a mobile app was defined as a game of Snake on your flip phone. Now, you can get help with everyday activities and even find apps to help you with rather specialized needs and problems.

Just like any other type of technology, there are trends that the industry generally follows. These help us predict where the market is going. If you like to keep on top of the latest tech and keep up-to-date on everything technology has to offer you, you’ll want to pay attention to these five predictions.

1. Multi-Platform Apps

There are plenty of apps that have already hopped aboard this train. Spotify, for instance, can be accessed from pretty much any device you own. Any company that isn’t already doing this will have to hop on the bandwagon in 2024.

This isn’t a point about the use of an app on a computer and a phone, for instance. Instead, the trend will be promoted by the growing network of the Internet of Things. If someone’s home or life is communicated across different devices such as home technology or wearable, they need it to be consistent.

Try to make the above paragraph more relevant to multi-platform apps.

2. Increase in App Developers

This one almost goes without saying but 2024 is likely to bring along more mobile app developers. The demand for mobile apps is continuously on the rise. This will lead to newcomers on the market stepping up to provide for that demand. For every new idea that arises, there will be an enterprise app development company that will rise with it. Just like any other tech market, some of these new developers will make huge waves with their innovations.

3. Security

Security is a big question anymore and it’s a daunting thought for many users. With reports of hacking and data mining coming up so frequently, people want to know their information is safe.

Mobile Apps that can increase the security are going to soar. Even if it only protects the user on that specific app, that effort won’t go unnoticed. The modern era is full of people who want to protect their privacy without disconnecting from technology and social media platforms. If a mobile app can prove itself as a safe, secure choice, they’re going to gain more attention than their less secure competition.

4. Service Apps

These are already a trend and going to see a huge boom in the coming year. Instantaneous solutions to a problem have become a 21st-century staple for many. After a long night of drinking, they pull out their phone and use a rideshare app to get home safely. On a rainy night, they can order takeout with a few taps on their screen.

This is an area where businesses are going to step in. Brick-and-mortar stores are struggling more than ever meaning they’re going to jump on the chance to at least partially integrate online.

5. In-App Advertising

Many people turn down using paid apps even if the fee is just a one-time purchase of a few dollars. Mobile App development isn’t free, though, so developers will have to consider other ways to make revenue.

If an app doesn’t work with a company for payment, their next best thing is to sell ad space in their mobile app. It’s also likely that the style of advertising will continue to develop to be less intrusive. Users aren’t happy with large, unclosable ads covering their screen. It’s likely that in-app ads will more often be video ads that pop up in intervals so as not to disrupt the user’s experience too abruptly.

Just like the devices, they’re used on, mobile apps are constantly evolving and changing. Watch out for trends like these in the coming year.