Easily Migrate Files between Cloud Services

If you use OneDrive for business-related needs, you’ll need to make sure you store your files or transfer dropbox to OneDrive for work or school.

With OneDrive, you get the same file access and protection when you migrate onedrive to another account, plus company-specific features like data encryption, advanced data loss protection, permission control, and permission settings for the files.

This article describes how to move files from one onedrive account to another or other cloud-based file storage services to OneDrive for work or school in Microsoft 365.

Cloud Storage is part of our daily digital activities. Most of us linked to at least one cloud storage service: transfer files between onedrive accounts or copy onedrive files to another onedrive account. Each of these cloud services has its limitations when it comes to storage, and there may come a time when you need to choose between one of them. This phase means that you will have to transfer files between OneDrive accounts. And also, migrate dropbox to onedrive or Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox.

Some even have to have them in sync. Imagine doing this physically by uploading or copying and making sure the files are saved. That is a lot of checklists, and the chances of files missing are high.

Wondershare InClowdz Review

There are many services that can help in these situations. One such service is the Wondershare InClowdz service, which can be used to move files from one OneDrive account to another, manage at least five various cloud services, etc. This post will help you understand what the software is capable of and whether it meets your needs.

How to transfer data across different cloud services with Wondershare InClowdz?

InClowdz is a cloud-based service that connects to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Amazon S3 services. When connected and given permission, the service can completely manage different cloud storage and anything in between.

Features include cross-cloud migration and migrate Dropbox to OneDrive, syncing between them, managing, and ensuring everything is done through a secure channel.

1] Migration between different services

  • While you can move files from one onedrive accounts to another and paste them if you have it on your computer, any failure will result in lost files, and your entire management will be messed up.
  • You will have to erase and start over. Wondershare InClowdz makes this a lot easier. You can show two separate columns for services, and all you need is to select the files you want to move and transfer Google Drive to Dropbox.
  • Everything happens in the cloud migration and through the service API.
  • All you need is to log into Wondershare InClowdz, choose the migrate feature, and then select the files and start migrating.
  • You could use it to move Google Drive to Dropbox or transfer OneDrive to Google Drive.

2] Synchronize between different clouds

  • Cloud storage can also be used to maintain backup or redundancies, similar to NAS. However, again it means that you will have to copy manually.
  • However, it is not practical. Instead, you can choose the Wondershare InClowdz sync feature, which can migrate dropbox to onedrive, delete, or move any data when it changes to the main one.
  • When syncing, it recommends to have a dedicated backup account or use a folder to backup everything from the leading cloud. And make sure that there is no mix-up if you need to restore.
  • Some services like Google Drive have restrictions that don’t allow you to sync files directly. Instead, you should use the Share feature. It will enable you to approve a second account to access the folders of the primary account. If it is Once done, you should be able to sync.
  • To do this, log in to InClowdz, choose and sync the clouds. You can select a set of folders or all.

3] Manage all cloud accounts and services in one place

  • When you have many cloud services, it isn’t easy to manage them with different applications.
  • Wondershare InClowdz makes this easy and super-efficient. As you can connect to multiple services through a single service, you can upload, download, and manage all your data.
  • You could have multiple accounts for the same service with an easy way to identify each one. The Management sector allows you to see them all.
  • That being said, every cloud storage has a garbage policy. If you have deleted files, you might need to access them through the cloud service interface to make sure they don’t disappear forever.
  • Although you can do it from here, it will be much easier to do it from the source in an emergency.


Wondershare InClowdz is an first-rate service that allows users to migrate, manage, and sync files in the cloud from one place.

The services also offer a free version, which is not limited to the number of days you can use the facilities.

You should manage five accounts, but only to view, upload, and download data. The function to migrate dropbox to onedrive and synchronize data in the cloud is only available in the paid version.

With that said, the service is designed for those who work around the clock on this and need to be able to multiple services every day.

You can opt for an annual plan at $ 59.99 if it helps you manage your services. You have to upload and save files from various cloud services, and then the free version is more than enough for you.

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